Sydney study into native bee health

Leafcutter bee A research project is underway in Sydney, led by Tanya Latty, into the health of native bees. In their new facebook page Tanya Latty says:. The goal of the Urban Bees project is to study the ecology of native bees in community gardens within greater Sydney metropolitan area. Specifically, we will address four main questions: 1) Which species of native bee are present in community gardens and in what numbers? 2) Which plant species/flowers are attractive to bees? 3)... Read More

Seattle’s new park is an urban farm for all

Seattle city in the US is building a new park that will be filled with edible plants, and everything from pears to herbs will be free for the taking. The story of this inspiring example of how to create an urban farm for all is here, Michael  Read More

How to make a leaky drain

As the first video in our new local series, How to make an urban farm, this first one, How to make a leaky drain, kicks off with some funny moments from one of our wonderful urban farmers, Thais.   “You don’t want a leaky water bottle, you don’t want a leaky tap . . . but you do want this lovely leaky drain”, says Thais.   See Thais go for water gold here – how to make a leaky drain.   Enjoy M  Read More

Making lemon grass and lemon tea tree cordial

Making lemon grass and lemon tea tree cordial from freshly harvested leaves After being crushed in the mortar the leaves are steeped in hot water There was lots of Shovels and Picks 101               More Shovels and Picks 101 At the urban farm working tour last Friday in an hour and 45 minutes we: harvested lemon grass and lemon tea tree, washed and ground it and then poured boiling water over it and let it steep for 15 minutes to make a... Read More

Food conversation, Lane Cove Tuesday 11 December

Food conversation, Lane Cove, Sydney 11 December In Lane Cove, Sydney, tomorrow night at 630 pm, we’ll be talking food, urban farming and how to sustain ourselves where we live.  There’ll be folks from the local markets, road and community gardeners and others with a spring in their heart and step. I’ll have some copies of Sustainable Food to sign and sell, too. Looking forward to seeing you there, M  Read More

Another urban farm working tour at Sydney’s Sustainable House

On Friday  14  December  -  come to Sydney’s Sustainable House for an urban farm working tour. Start 1130, finish 100. In the garden I will work with you and together for an hour and a half we will: build a leaky drain – you’ll learn how to dig, install leaky drain learn how to prune a fruit tree – how to espalier to make it fit a smaller space learn how to manage compost bins – how to keep cockroaches away, how to get compost out and then to spread it without... Read More

In conversation with Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettit

Poster for In Conversation Event with Mayor Pettit and Michael Mobbs   It would be great to share food, stories and conversation with Freo folk  when Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettit and I discuss my new book, Sustainable Food; Monday 17 December 630 for 7 pm. No reservations so just turn up with your appetite and curiosity – see you there, Michael  Read More

Sydney’s new ecovillage going ahead

Narrara ecovillage land Lyndall Parris, the driving force behind the Narrara ecovillage about an hour or so north of Sydney, NSW, wrote to me last week with news of the project and here is what she said:   “Since signing the contract to purchase the land on 26 September there has been much activity. We have formed a Board of Directors, a Steering team and 6 Working teams (Development, Legal & Finance, Sales & Marketing, IT & Websit, Site Management and  Community... Read More

New bee hive in Dulwich Hill, Sydney

Last week, after splitting the native stingless bee hive at my Chippendale place we took the new hive to Judy’s place at Dulwich Hill. New Dulwich Hill hive – tied together ’til bees wax the three compartments together The bees in both hives  have had a couple of big meetings outside the hive, forming a swirling circle about a metre in diametre where they discuss the recent upset of their lives and the new hive; what they do and say I don’t know but it... Read More

Lazy gardeners like perennials

As a practising lazy gardener I’m drawn to plants that self- seed, keep growing year after year and look after themselves without me. Lis’s Thai-inspired spaghetti and vermicelli-like squash salad So I enjoyed listening to Lis Bastian describe the perennials in her garden at Blackheath, NSW, recently and asked her to write out a list of them; here’s what Lis sent me: “Yacon or yakon… Spaghetti Squash  -  a perennial squash Red... Read More

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