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tel: +61 2 424 460 525

street: 58 Myrtle St  Chippendale NSW 2008 Australia


Bachelor of Laws – Australian National University (1975)

Language & Degrees of Proficiency:

English – fluent written and spoken

Professional Development, Books and Memberships:

Associate Lecturer, School of Engineering, University of Technology, Sydney

Sustainable House, 2 Ed 2010, Choicebooks

Countries of Work Experience

Australia, India, USA

Key Skills

Michael is the principal of Michael Mobbs ABN 80571933970.  Michael Mobbs specializes in the design, construction and project management of sustainable food, water, energy and recycled water projects for the residential and commercial markets of Australia.

Michael’s key skills are:

  • Broadly based, practical knowledge of the range of laws, designs and products readily available for water, energy, and recycled water systems for households, offices, shops, residential units and subdivisions;
  • Writing, drawing and speaking with citizens, technical persons and government personnel at workshops, seminars and policy development forums;
  • Proven record of innovation and simple design to integrate water, recycled water and energy systems.
  • Through weekly tours of his sustainable house, speaking engagements, and sustainable projects, Michael designs, negotiates approvals for, and manages the construction of sustainable energy, water and recycled water projects across Australia, and demonstrates best practice sustainable projects (see the FAQ section of Michael’s web page for case studies).

Michael specialized in environmental law and policy for 19 years.  He worked on aluminium smelters, coal mines, water and infrastructure projects.

Michael was the policy and technical consultant to the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into Sydney Water Board, 1993 – 1994 which reviewed the technology, management and future of Sydney’s centralized water and sewage system.

Michael edited a citizens and professionals guide to the law, an accessible, readable and practical guide to the law, and it has become the standard reference for hospital and health care professionals, lawyers, doctors, government officers, and citizens; The Law Handbook.

Michael’s book, Sustainable House, is prescribed in University and Technical College design courses across Australia, and is the best selling book for CHOICE, the consumers’ association.  The book describes the design, costs, products, monitoring and approval process for sustainable houses – houses which use the sun’s energy, rain, and recycle water falling freely on the site.

Recent projects

Current sustainable projects (requiring on site water and waste water design, project management and implementation) include:

  • Demonstration Sustainable House – Barrett House; Client – Randwick Council – allows meeting place and business options for sustainable businesses including food growing, community development:
  • Kitchen Garden workshops for Carriageworks Theatre at Carriageworks Theatre aimed at empowering broad range of people and community groups to garden at community gardens, road gardens, schools, units, houses:  as the google heading for the group says:  “Description: The CarriageWorks Kitchen Garden Project is to create a pilot model of community activity based around the notion of creative sustainability. The idea was to upskill a core group of people who could, in turn, teach their neighbours, friends, work colleagues and family.”
  • Initiated Chippendale Food for the Future Fair 2008 and worked to obtain community acceptance and participation in road gardens, public composting trial, buying local food from farmers:
  • City Cousin for the Chippendale Paddock  in the food box group, Sydney Food Connect:
  • Fivex offices project, Double Bay – sewage treated on site and used to flush building toilets, rainwater system - Example Project

Former projects:

  • NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into Sydney Water Board

    The technical and policy consultant to the 1993 NSW State Government Parliamentary Inquiry into the management of Sydney’s water, sewage and stormwater – Michael drafted the Parliamentary Committee report after reviewing the range of technology and institutional arrangements available to manage water and sewage;

  • Plain English guide to the law (The Law Handbook)

    Editor of a manual about the law written for citizens, doctors, lawyers, social workers and others whose work requires them to understand the law;

  • Review of catchment management for NSW Government

    A review of a Sydney government agency managing stormwater (the Upper Parramatta River Catchment Trust) for the NSW Government Minister for Land and Water Conservation;

  • Review of financial incentives for restoring fish habitat

    A review for the Commonwealth Government (Department of Primary Industry and Energy) of financial incentives available to Australian landholders and governments to repair and maintain riparian habitat on farms for the recovery of fish habitat and marine populations;

  • Review of NSW water laws and practices for NSW Government Agency

    Review of NSW water laws for the NSW Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (which sets prices for water, sewerage and stormwater, electricity, transport);

  • Design and project manager of sustainable house

    Design and project management of the construction of Sydney’s Sustainable House which was launched by the NSW Premier in 1996 as an example of sustainable water, recycled water and energy design.

  • Google Sydney offices fitout

    Design and management of sustainable food, materials, work practices and data collection and analysis

  • Sustainable design for renovation of heritage listed house for Randwick Council
  • Michael Mobbs

    Michael is a former Environmental Lawyer who is uniquely placed to consult in four main areas:

    • Sustainability Coach and Speaker,
    • Sustainable Urban Farm Design greening, watering and cooling the cityscape, roads, parks, suburbs,
    • Major Projects Consultant Commercial and Industrial,
    • Residential Sustainability Consultant.
    For permission to re-print any articles or to book Michael for a speaking engagement go to Contacts. Please ensure all quotes from Michael's blog include a reference to sustainablehouse.com....au.