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Michael Mobbs is a former Environmental Lawyer with a broad practical experience.  Michael provides these services:

Leasing Gobbler compost machines

Michael  leases  commercial compost machines.

Turn food waste into compost in 24 hours – from 5 kg a day up to 1 tonne of food waste a day.

For an example of a project Michael created by bringing cafes, a council and a farmer together to turn food waste into compost to make soil on a farm, see a video and facts about the Bondi Gobbler Trial with Waverley Council and the four cafes at the Bondi  Pavilion.

Call Michael on 0424 460 525 to discuss the system, inspect one and to obtain lease prices.

See example project below – how to make a suburb sustainable

Service $ Fee (incl. GST) Advice about design, sustainable systems Food Benefits if fully sustainable
Site visit $550 Options, costs, suppliers, installers, products Included Annual household energy, water, costs – can be less than $300 a year. Annual food and transport costs – can save over $2,000
Subdivision, office, units, other Stage 1: $550 to $1650 + estimate for Stage 2.Stage 2: as per estimate in Stage 1 Options, costs, suppliers, installers, products Included At least 50% developer charges saved. At least 50% lower living costs compared to business as usual.
Talks From $nil for selected community projects to > $3,000. Enquiries to: Zoe Vaughan View my profile at Claxton Speakers Included
Urban farm design From $nil for selected community groups or from $550 up for initial design. Opportunities to integrate with building and road water, energy, transport; how to harvest road and roof water to keep up to 80% of water where it falls Road gardens, roof gardens, vertical gardens Learn by doing. Cut air and water and soil pollution by over 50%. Healthier community. More ‘social glue’ for you and your community.













Example Project

How to make a suburb sustainable

Plan to make an existing suburb sustainable – Sustainable Chippendale.  To see the draft plan, visit here:…

  • Michael Mobbs

    Michael is a former Environmental Lawyer who is uniquely placed to consult in four main areas:

    • Sustainability Coach and Speaker,
    • Sustainable Urban Farm Design greening, watering and cooling the cityscape, roads, parks, suburbs,
    • Major Projects Consultant Commercial and Industrial,
    • Residential Sustainability Consultant.
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