Another urban farm working tour at Sydney’s Sustainable House

On Friday  14  December  -  come to Sydney’s Sustainable House for an urban farm working tour. Start 1130, finish 100.

In the garden I will work with you and together for an hour and a half we will:

  • build a leaky drain – you’ll learn how to dig, install leaky drain
  • learn how to prune a fruit tree – how to espalier to make it fit a smaller space
  • learn how to manage compost bins – how to keep cockroaches away, how to get compost out and then to spread it without harming fruit trees
  • learn how to make a garden  self-nutrifying using a compost bin
  • learn how to identify and harvest your own food – from ‘weeds’ that aren’t weeds to unusual edible native plants and to commonly used herbs such as rosemary, lemon grass and more

Working tours are $15 each and entitle you to $10 off the price of either or both my books,Sustainable House, or Sustainable Food.

Maximum of 15 people on this tour – we’ll be working with tools and our hands; email bookings essential, please.

Group bookings 10 or more people to maximum of 15 people are $10 each.

The tour fee includes free samples of:  good compost; compost nutrients; lemon tea tree and lemon grass cordial + recipe.  Come dressed in working clothes and boots.

Take the first steps to making your own urban farm, cutting climate pollution and putting a song in your heart and being kind to our lovely Earth – see you there.  It’s at  58 Myrtle Street, Chippendale.

See you there,




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