New bee hive in Dulwich Hill, Sydney

Last week, after splitting the native stingless bee hive at my Chippendale place we took the new hive to Judy’s place at Dulwich Hill.

New Dulwich Hill hive – tied together ’til bees wax the three compartments together

The bees in both hives ┬áhave had a couple of big meetings outside the hive, forming a swirling circle about a metre in diametre where they discuss the recent upset of their lives and the new hive; what they do and say I don’t know but it happens after each hive is split and located in its new or former position.

Bees on cloth used to plug up hive during transport

The hive is on a north-east facing balcony that’s shielded from the western sun after about 130 pm.

Plants to feed the bees
The grevilleas are Ember Glow and Deua Gold

Daisies to feed the bees

2 Responses to “New bee hive in Dulwich Hill, Sydney”
  1. Michael says:

    There’s lots of bee information on my site; use the tag ‘bees’ to search for native and other plants, how to split a hive, where to buy, how to nurture . . . Some plants (native and introduced) include: Grevillea, Abelia, Buddleja, Westringia – Rosemary, and Daisy ..Graham – they are opportunistic and will eat whatever they like that they find first. You’ll enjoy them immensely, I expect; focussed, gentle, generous and self-nurturing. Michael

  2. Graham Walters says:

    What other species of native plants are suitable food for native bees and I presume shelter from the Western sun is advisable. From where can I source native bees.

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