Bondi Gobbler feeders tour Sydney’s Sustainable House

The Gobbler crew outside Sydney’s Sustainable House Having trialled the Bondi Gobbler at Bondi Pavilion with the cafes there and Waverley Council, and turning food waste into compost in 24 hours to be taken to John Fairley’s Country Valley Dairy farm at Picton for six months I’m convinced this is the way to end food waste, cut on farm and cafe costs and cut air pollution.   So I’m working to sell four year leases of the Gobblers to cafes, food courts... Read More

Reclaim the curb

Another sprout of hope and action – a group calling itself “Reclaim the curb” is promoting road gardens. Reclaim the Curb say their goal is to empower people to turn forgotten public spaces around them into productive, edible, enjoyable areas. The collective behind the blog launched a competition last year to create Australia’s most edible curb. Although modest in size, the response to the competition was really overwhelming – so this year they... Read More

Sustainable Tip 3 – Food, energy and water – the real monsters

The growing, production, transport and waste of food is the second highest carbon polluting activity after coal fired power stations in Australia.   Yes, my house is sustainable as it gets its energy from the sun and water from the rain on the roof.   But . . .  my tummy uses 30 to 40 times more energy and water than my house.   Each year, by using the rain that falls with clean, natural energy from clouds, the house saves over 100,000 litres of dam water and stops... Read More

Australia’s best gardening bookshop

Luckily for me my favourite gardening bookshop is in Sydney, about 15 minutes walk from where I live in Chippendale. It’s Floriligium at 65 Derwent St, Glebe. Inside the cool, quiet old sandstone building you’ll find a wonderful, complete coverage of all things that grow and if you ask for help your visit will be made richer by talking to the knowledgeable owner, Gil Teague. So I’m giving it a shameless and proud plug and suggesting that you either drop in or... Read More

New catering business part of food revolution

A new Sydney catering business, Conscious Catering, is part of the new food revolution.  The founder, Bronwyn Coleman, places her business in the centre of this revolution when she says on her website: “Conscious catering is a boutique catering company, grown from the intention to do what we can to support sustainability and harmlessness.” To get a sense of what’s happening with food in our culture I’ve been looking at the newsletters, websites, newspapers... Read More

Sydney Standard article and video about bookshop conversation

The Sydney Standard was at the Berkelouw conversation with Costa and I last Tuesday and the article and a video is published today here.   The Berkelouw Bookshop in Oxford Street, Sydney, is one of the more civilised, civilising and well-lit bookshops around.  With beautiful timber floors, tall windows, high ceilings and timber shelving and desks it’s a relaxing place to read, have a meal or glass of wine and enjoy the world of books and ideas.   Recommended, M  Read More

Be curious; see how I link Paul Keating, Roger Scruton, Rob Stokes MP and Gary Sturgess

In my Bathurst Burr column today I discuss curiousity and how it affects our culture and lives . . . and the lives of some folks we may know . . . former PM Paul Keating, Roger Scruton the UK philosopher, NSW MP Rob STokes and former Greiner Government brains trust Gary Sturgess . . . enjoy it here.     M  Read More

Join food conversation with Costa and I, 26 March

Costa and I would love to talk food with you when we have an open conversation at Berkelouw Books, Paddington, Sydney, Tuesday 26 March. We’ll be discussing my new book, Sustainable Food, and ours and your gardening experiences. What can we do to sustain ourselves with local food, local connections, local farmers, our soils, our water and air . . . . let’s talk, and do! Bookings essential at Berkelouw. See you there, Michael  Read More

Climate change a cause of Arab spring and more to come . . .

In his New York Times column today, Thomas L Friedman attributes climate change and the collapse of the world’s food crops, particularly wheat, as a major cause of civil unrest, particularly in the Middle East and specifically as a cause of the “Arab spring”: “Consider this: The world’s top nine wheat-importers are in the Middle East: “Seven had political protests resulting in civilian deaths in 2011,” said Sternberg. “Households in the countries... Read More

Sheehan’s Herald article sows a seed

In today’s Herald Paul Sheehan says that if we don’t discuss the impact of mining on Australian food supplies in this coming federal election, and get solutions from the politicians now, we’ll reap a poor harvest; worth a read, worth a vote: “We’ll reap what we deserve“.  Read More

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