Making lemon grass and lemon tea tree cordial

Making lemon grass and lemon tea tree cordial from freshly harvested leaves

After being crushed in the mortar the leaves are steeped in hot water

There was lots of Shovels and Picks 101








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At the urban farm working tour last Friday in an hour and 45 minutes we:

  • harvested lemon grass and lemon tea tree, washed and ground it and then poured boiling water over it and let it steep for 15 minutes to make a cordial;
  • learnt how to prune and to espalier;
  • make a leaky drain to harvest rainwater from a footpath for a verge garden
  • compared a worm farm with a heat driven compost bin (Aerobin)

Leaky drain to harvest water from footpath and laid in trench and being covered with soil

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Let’s end this post on an ooey gooey note . . .

Lovely, and happy, ooey gooey compost worms

For our road gardens we need over 10 tonnes of composted soil a year; worm farms like the one in the photo can’t provide that volume and we compared it with the ones we’re using on our roads – 9 of them – each of which give us over a tonne of soil each year.
Hope to see you on an Urban Farm Working Tour soon,
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