Off the grid electricity data for Sydney’s Sustainable House

Consumption-production graphs Since 31 March 2015 when the new battery and new solar panels were installed on my house we’ve been collecting data on the Tigo solar panels and Alpha Ess integrated battery and inverter systems. The data is essential to reviewing the promises about the products’ performance and the best design to stay off grid. Unfortunately, due to the Alpha Ess being brought to market before software had been fully tested, there are outages when no... Read More

64 sun lovers bulk buying solar

We have 64 people who have completed the survey to qualify for the opportunity to reduce individual costs of buying any one or more or all of solar PV panels, inverters and batteries.   Here is the email I’ve sent to the folk to inform them where we’re up to with getting reduced prices:   Hello again, sun lovers There are 64 of us now in our bulk purchase group; well done us! In the next few days Casey and I expect to complete our tender assessment and... Read More

Meet R2Me2, my off the grid battery and inverter

R2Me2, my off the grid battery and inverter on my verandah At the tour of Sydney’s Sustainable House on Saturday 27 June we’ll look at the new off the grid battery on my verandah, called R2Me2. There’ll be a confession or two by said gizmo as to misdoings, bad conduct(ing) and circuits unknown. What a bzzzzzzzzz . . .  Read More

What solar panels should I buy?

“What solar panels should I buy?”   I’m asked this at least a couple of times a week.  It’s time to share the answer.   My answer is in three parts.   Part One: You’re not buying the panels, you’re buying the power.  What’s promised by the panel seller or installer or maker may not be what you get.  Sure, you’ll get the panel, but does it give you the power you were promised?  So the first part is to focus, not... Read More

Please qualify for reduced price solar / battery power with my survey

Hi.   We had a terrific information night at Sydney’s Sustainable House on Monday  about making solar power cheaper. As promised, the survey for anyone to qualify to join the group bulk buying to bring down the price of solar and batteries has been published. THE SURVEY – If you’re interested in filling in the survey, click to fill it in here. If you return your survey by Tuesday 2 June we will provide cost information and more news.   Let’s... Read More

Cut your solar buying costs and buy in bulk with me and 30 others

The stylish black integrated inverter and battery system on the balcony of my house   It’s all solar systems go.   After the solar info evening last night, we’re going to do it – over 30 of us from across Australia will buy in bulk to bring down individual prices for solar power systems for schools, houses and offices.   A solar power station or three is in the making, those already with solar are keen to try out the new battery technology and... Read More

How efficient are solar panels on my house after 19 years?

To check the efficiency of the solar panels on my house after 19 years of use, and to obtain regular reports on them, I’m receiving a report from Solar Analytics. The first report is here as a PDF and you’re welcome to download it and read it for yourself. SA-Report-Mobbs_Chippendale-01.2015  Read More

Of fridges, solar power and getting the most out of them

Yesterday’s tour of Sydney’s Sustainable House was packed both with people and the interesting stories and questions they asked.  One email has come in from one of people on the tour, Peter, and here it is as it’s got useful information about using solar panels efficiently and meeting the energy demands of that gas guzzler, the fridge: Hi Michael It’s Peter, and together with son Simon and two friends, was in your clutches for the tour yesterday Saturday... Read More

Magic puddin’ pump pumps water 24/7 without electricity

  It’s magic.   It pumps water up to 200 metres above itself without electricity. Video Glockemann pump It uses the energy of flowing water to pump the water. I’ve stood in a very slow flowing creek at the bottom of a valley and seen it pump water up 65 metres to a rain tank at the top of the hill. It doesn’t pump fast but continuously. Wonderful design, wonderful ‘eyes’ in the designer for the gifts Earth has for us if we will look for... Read More

Commercial project taking carbon out of air to make plastics – and hope

This is what we and Earth need – projects to take existing pollution out of Earth’s air. A new commercial project extracts carbon from Earth’s air to make plastic products. The ‘biocatalyst” commercial machine takes carbon from landfills and other polluting sources and mixes it with air in a reactor and makes it into a liquid which pulls carbon out of air and makes it into plastic. The two people behind the US business are Mark Herrema and Kenton... Read More

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