New catering business part of food revolution

A new Sydney catering business, Conscious Catering, is part of the new food revolution.  The founder, Bronwyn Coleman, places her business in the centre of this revolution when she says on her website:

“Conscious catering is a boutique catering company, grown from the intention to do what we can to support sustainability and harmlessness.”

To get a sense of what’s happening with food in our culture I’ve been looking at the newsletters, websites, newspapers and listening to radio.  Everywhere I hear people talking with passion about buying local food, buying direct from local farmers, and showing a strong interest in putting their money and their mouth where their heart is – healthy food.


Soup and salad dinner at our place last night provided by Conscious Catering

Bronwyn’s business can cater to up to 500 people but last night she brought carrot and turnip soup and salad, followed by bread n butter pudding to our house where four of us ate her lovely food.  The soup was topped with baked kale and brussels sprouts – all grown at Mangrove Mountain about an hour from Sydney.  Delicious.

And this morning I received a text from Sydney Food Connect about a crowd funding campaign to get a series of farm tours going so city folk can visit local farms to see, harvest and eat local food.

I seem to hear every other day of new examples of cafes and other food businesses who are buying and growing locally.

This would be what I would call, “good news”.




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  1. Anthony Cook says:

    Healthy food is definitely the priority for everyone. Conscious Catering is a nice concept by Bronwyn Coleman and sure that this kind of traiteur finesse shall lead to sustainability and delivering quality, hygienic food.

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