Reclaim the curb

Another sprout of hope and action – a group calling itself “Reclaim the curb” is promoting road gardens.

Reclaim the Curb say their goal is to empower people to turn forgotten public spaces around them into productive, edible, enjoyable areas.
The collective behind the blog launched a competition last year to create Australia’s most edible curb. Although modest in size, the response to the competition was really overwhelming – so this year they have decided to make it happen again.

Last year they awarded 3 applicants with cash and prizes to allow them to ‘reclaim the curb’. This year, the response from supporters who want to donate workshops, training, mentorships, honey, seeds, food boxes and fruit trees have been overwhelming! As a result they are aspiring to offer an award per state across Australia.

In NSW so far, supporters include The Urban BeeHive, Oooby (who has taken over from Food Connect) and Milkwood Permaculture.

One of the organisers, Juliette Anich, wrote to me today and said, “I’ve been following your passion and achievements in this space (from south of the border) and was wondering if you might like to be involved through supporting this competition through your networks and offering a design consultation to help the winning team develop a really considerate mindful space. It would amazing to have Sustainable House involved.”

I’ve replied that I’ll donate a consultation and donate a copy of my book, Sustainable Food.

So . . . check them out, enter your curb and hopefully we’ll catch up when you win – or just make contact any ole how.

May the veggies be upon your curb,


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  1. david hagan says:

    Hi Micheal,

    I just heard your interview with Alan Jones. I’m in awe of almost everything you do. I will definitely be going through all the articles on your website. I’m a big believer in sustainability .
    I would love you to give me your opinion on “solar roadways ” . I’m sure you have heard of them but after hearing of your roads idea , they seem to be in opposition to each other .
    I would love to come to your tour on Saturday but unfortunately I’m working .
    Good luck with your endeavours…you’re amazing!
    Regards Dave

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