Are our suburbs becoming new farms?

Urban farming forum invite Feb 2012 On Wednesday 20 February 2013 Moonee Valley Council, Melbourne, Victoria, will host a forum, “Are our suburbs becoming the new farms?” I’ll be there speaking with Stephen Mushin from CERES, and I hope to talk to and share the conversation with you then.  There’ll be copies of Sustainable Food to buy if you wish, M  Read More

The Fifth Estate on Senator Carr’s launch

Some interesting quotes and photos of Senator Carr’s book launch are reported in The Fifth Estate.  Read More

Senator Carr launches Sustainable Food on Youtube

Senator Carr speaks about the book and the challenge of sustainable food on Youtube in a backyard in Sydney, thanks to doco maker David O’Brien – 7.4 mins The Minister’s blog post on the book launch is here:… The Minister’s post has been linked to twitter as well. Thanks all involved, Michael  Read More

Senator Bob Carr to give Sustainable Food a national launch

Invite – National Launch of Sustainable Food Be fun to share some laughter, local food and news with you at the national launch of Sustainable Food.  There’s limited room at the house, tho’, so do rsvp if you wish to join us, please. By asking Senator Carr to give the book its national launch I’m hoping to do something to put food in the centre of our political and social and thinking life – I have no idea what will be said but there’s only... Read More

Scenes from Fremantle book launch and conversation

On Monday night this week Fremantle City Mayor Brad Pettit and I had a conversation with over 100 people at the inspiring Replant nursery in Wray Street, Fremantle. Replant saves native grass trees from being destroyed by bulldozers clearing land for housing. We sat surrounded by these trees, many several hundred years old, as the clear evening light came down on us and we talked, building up our hunger for the locally grown food awaiting us outside.  It was also the opportunity... Read More

Food conversation, Lane Cove Tuesday 11 December

Food conversation, Lane Cove, Sydney 11 December In Lane Cove, Sydney, tomorrow night at 630 pm, we’ll be talking food, urban farming and how to sustain ourselves where we live.  There’ll be folks from the local markets, road and community gardeners and others with a spring in their heart and step. I’ll have some copies of Sustainable Food to sign and sell, too. Looking forward to seeing you there, M  Read More

Leaky drains, stink bugs and fun with dirt on our hands

Rosie and Nigel, who came on the first Urban Farm Working Tour at Sydney’s Sustainable House last Saturday, have kindly sent these photos and questions in. Firstly, the photos. Digging trench beside path for leaky drain   Cutting the agricultural pipe to fit the length of the trench; note the geofabric covering the pipe One length of leaky drain runs beside path edge and directs rain water to either side and also to drain at the T-section We also pruned a Tahitian Lime... Read More

Another urban farm working tour at Sydney’s Sustainable House

On Friday  14  December  -  come to Sydney’s Sustainable House for an urban farm working tour. Start 1130, finish 100. In the garden I will work with you and together for an hour and a half we will: build a leaky drain – you’ll learn how to dig, install leaky drain learn how to prune a fruit tree – how to espalier to make it fit a smaller space learn how to manage compost bins – how to keep cockroaches away, how to get compost out and then to spread it without... Read More

Bright idea and investor’s generosity sends books to 154 Councils

You know a good idea when you hear one – it just makes sense. When a friend and colleague (who does not wish to be named), suggested sending the new book, Sustainable Food, to Australian councils it was such a beaut idea I had no hesitation in asking a commercial property investor who has built a project which commands respect for the way it’s integrated sustainability with design, Lesli Berger, Fivex Commercial Property, if he would buy the books. Lesli said “Yes”. Now,... Read More

In conversation with Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettit

Poster for In Conversation Event with Mayor Pettit and Michael Mobbs   It would be great to share food, stories and conversation with Freo folk  when Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettit and I discuss my new book, Sustainable Food; Monday 17 December 630 for 7 pm. No reservations so just turn up with your appetite and curiosity – see you there, Michael  Read More

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