New wireless temperature sensor installed at ecoPOPs

Anir and Raz pointing to Ysense temperature logger on Bondi Beach ecoPOPs   A temperature logger has been installed by Anir Upadhyay to measure the temperature from the shade created by the Bondi Beach ecoPOPs. Anir Upadhyay, is a PhD student at the University of Sydney under the supervision of Professor Richard Hyde. Anir and a friend, Raz, have designed a wireless data logger. Anir and Raz have configured the data logger with a temperature and humidity sensor. It collects... Read More

New game to save the world to save a bear

There’s a new game being developed for kids around Earth, Habitat the game. The site says: “. . . players will undertake actions to keep an endangered animal alive. In this first iteration of Habitat game players will adopt a polar bear. To keep the bear alive and healthy, players need to successfully complete events in the game and undertake real world actions. By completing these TASKS players will progress through levels, increasing the health of their bear and... Read More

Bondi ecopops pops up

  Waverley Council’s ecoPOPs at Bondi Beach planted out today Today, Friday, 16 August, we planted out the ecopops for Waverley Council at Bondi Beach. The tanks are gleaming in the sun and the plants will provide food, nectar for birds and the whole will shade and cool the bit of Roscoe Street that it is in. Next week the Mayor and the Minister for the Environment, Robyn Parker, will launch the ecopops. We’re on our way to cooling our cities with ecopops. Pop!  Read More

The how and where of sustainable streets

Come and hear four speakers tomorrow night at 99 York St, Sydney, where they’ll talk about the how and where of sustainable streets they are creating – see you there! It’s a gig by a group called Think, Act, Change.   M  Read More

Waverley Council to put an ecopops at Bondi Beach

Courtesy of Waverley Council, Australia’s iconic Bondi Beach will soon see an ecopops pop up. According to Council’s website, the beach will see “ the installation of its first temporary ecoPOPS in Bondi in August 2013″. With the Steel Stewardship Forum sponsoring an ecopops, the Sydney University’s electrical engineering experts partnering ecopops to create a simple, affordable solar pumping system, and strong local community support we may see... Read More

Steel Stewardship Forum sponsors an ecopops

The Steel Stewardship Forum has sponsored an ecopops.   The Forum represents all those involved in the steel industry in Australia, from mining through to fabrication of such things as rain tanks, steel rods and steel mesh.  The Forum’s website notes that the recovery rate for steels at the end of life in Australia exceeds 90 per cent.   The Forum sees the ecopops as a billboard for sustainability in our cities.   I’m delighted to have the Forum’s... Read More

See Josh Byrne’s video about the Fremantle ecopops and his house

Josh Byrne, Michael Mobbs and Mayor Brad Pettit As Josh Byrne, the Western Australia presenter for ABC TV Gardening Australia‘s show, builds his ten star houses in Fremantle he is documenting it and making the plans, costs, data and details available for all to see. In the latest video Josh covers the ecopops as they were being built in Fremantle then takes the viewer to his houses. It’s a useful summary of both projects and you can see the 4 minute 40 second video... Read More

Cool our cities, cool our streets – ecoPOPs from $3800 + GST – how & why to buy

ecoPOPS outside Council’s Information Centre, King George Square   To order in NSW, Qld and Victoria, please contact:                             Marianna  Verlage                            0407 270 138       The story of ecoPOPs in Fremantle, WA Today we put up two ecoPOPS in the streets in the centre of Fremantle. What is an ecoPOP? An ecoPOP is a small free-standing and self-sustained green oasis... Read More

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