Cool our cities, cool our streets – ecoPOPs from $3800 + GST – how & why to buy


ecoPOPS outside Council’s Information Centre, King George Square


To order in NSW, Qld and Victoria, please contact:

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The story of ecoPOPs in Fremantle, WA

Today we put up two ecoPOPS in the streets in the centre of Fremantle.

What is an ecoPOP?

An ecoPOP is a small free-standing and self-sustained green oasis that catches and stores its own water from rainfall, powers itself with the energy of the sun, generates its own nutrients, grows your own food, recycles materials, refreshes and cools cities, improves the air quality, and builds better communities.

Anyone can install it.

What is the purpose of the ecoPOPs?

The ecoPOPs creates:

  • A cooler street for pedestrians and birds
  • A lower temperature which means air conditioning is not needed or not needed as much as before
  • A local food garden for harvesting by anyone
  • An example of how solar electricity works, how composting works, how fruit trees may be grown, how food may be grown and harvested

ecoPOPs in Pakenham Street, Fremantle

Who can use an ecoPOP?

An ecoPOP can be used by anyone anytime, from little kids in school yards to adults in their own private backyards or roof gardens as well as by business, such as cafes and restaurants.


Where to install an ecoPOP

Being a free-standing unit, an ecoPOP can be installed anywhere, private backyards, school playgrounds, plazas and parks, parking lots, median strip in suburban streets, roofs, terraces, balconies, and so on. Its small size and self-sustained features allows it to be installed away from any fixed water or energy source.

For the solar pump to work and the plants to grow it’s essential that your ecoPOPs gets at least 4 hours of sun a day all year.

Electric System

The ecoPOPS uses the energy of the sun to power itself. This feature allows it to be installed away from any power source. A photovoltaic solar panel captures the sun’s energy and transforms it into electricity


Water System

After its filled there is no need to water the plants in the ecoPOPS. Its self-irrigation system allows it to stand away from any water source. Its self-irrigation system catches the rainfall water, stores it (more than 1,500 litres of water) to irrigate the plants and trees.  Refill the tanks every three months.

The customer is responsible for putting water into the tanks when you install your ecoPOP.  Simply fill the open tanks and the two end tanks and the central tank.

It is vital to fill the tanks so they are stabilised.and so the water system may water the plants and trees.

If the full amount of water is not installed on the day you install the ecoPOP then ecoPOPS provide no warranty or guarantee for the ecoPOP.

When filled your ecoPOP will be self-irrigating for about three months.  Water will gradually be lost by evaporation and by it being consumed by the plants and trees.

The tanks hold water and it is pumped to the plants through a hose buried under mulch.  A timing device tells the pump when to pump and when to stop pumping.  If there is no water the pump will not pump.

When do I top up the tanks?  Top up the tanks every three months.


How does the solar pump work?

The pump is powered by clean energy from the sun.  The sun shines on the solar panel which turns the sunlight into electricity that’s stored in a battery.  When the pump is told to pump by the timing device it uses the energy stored in the battery.


How are the plants given food to grow?

To grow the plants need sun, air, water and nutrients ie plant food.

The ecoPOPs gives the plants nutrients from wasted food which is composted in the ecoPOPs.  The compost forms a liquid which drips into the water stored in the tank below the compost bin.  As the water is pumped the nutrients are carried in the water to feed the plants and trees.



Greening Australia proudly support ecoPOPs

Greening Australia supports ecoPOPs and says:

“Greening Australia lives and works with people from remote, regional and metropolitan communities. We are a national organisation, employing local people and working with local communities to build healthy environments for healthy people.

With over 30 years of experience delivering social outcomes from environmental investments, Greening Australia is solutions-driven and is committed to doing something practical about the challenges faced across Australia’s landscape. Addressing the competing demands on our environment requires more than just planting trees.

We recognise that every investment we make into the environment builds resilience into local communities; whether it is providing pre-employment and skills development for indigenous communities, working alongside industry in conservation programs, investing in on-farm projects that provide real productivity gains, or working with students to restore our urban and river environments.

It is against this backdrop we are delighted to be partnering with Michael Mobbs on the “ecoPOPs” project to address the Urban Heat Island Effect (UHIE) – the localised warming of our suburbs due to the loss of vegetation and increase in paved and dark coloured surfaces. UHIE is a serious threat to the liveability, viability and health of our new and existing suburbs.

Returning vegetation to our urban environments through initiatives such as “ecoPOPs” is a cost effective way of reducing the heat in our suburbs. It’s also a great way of engaging and educating young people, communities and business in sustainable lifestyles and the impact of choices we make in our daily life.

We see “EcoPOPs” as a fantastic billboard for selling sustainability.”….au


Our Vision: A healthy, diverse and productive environment treasured by the whole community


ecoPOPs want to hear from you

Stay in touch with ecoPOPs.  Let us know your stories.  Join us on Facebook and Twitter – @m_mobbs.

Let us know how your fruit and herb harvesting goes.  We’d love your photos.  Everyone can grow and harvest food with an ecoPOPs.


If there are birds nesting nearby your ecoPOP will cool the local air and help the young and old birds survive the summer heat.



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  1. Jessi says:

    Hi Michael,

    Is there a provider option for Adelaide?

  2. Michael says:

    Great to hear from you. In Western Australia it’s $6,000 including GST. In Vic, NSW and Qld it’s $5000 including GST. Happy to discuss by phone if you wish to call. More sales info is here:, and here: And you’re welcome to call me: 0424 460 525, Michael

  3. Simon Parkes says:

    Great idea here. What is the cost of it?

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