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Sustainable design:

Completion Date:


376-382 New South Head Road, Double Bay

Fivex Pty Ltd


Eeles Trelease Pty Ltd

Michael Mobbs

Completed early 2007

Project size: DA Approved 2005. Building commenced April 06. leased to about six or so tenants

Site: 549.9sqm

Project description: Four-storey office building with street-front retail shops and sustainable water, sewage and passive ventilation systems, productive roof top garden.
Site costs: Site acquisition costs: $9.6million

Sustainable Design features:

  • All water needs will be met on site by collecting rainwater, to be stored in an 80,000L tank below the ground floor. This will leave over 400,000L of water in Warragamba Dam annually. Because the rain falling on site will be captured rather than running off into drains, 400,000L of stormwater is prevented from polluting the harbour each year.
  • All waste water will be treated on site to cut sewage pollution. Sewage will be recycled to produce up to 140L of surplus treated water each day, which will be used to flush the toilets and water the roof garden. This system will stop over 700,000L of sewage discharging into ocean outfalls annually had the ‘business as usual’ development proceeded.
  • Passive ventilation reduces the need for temperature control systems – A light, open and glass-walled design lets air and light flow freely through the building; so tenants won’t often need air-conditioning. This is expected to save around 150 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year.
  • The roof garden will help with cooling the building by absorbing heat. It will also have productive, edible plants, and hardy indoor-friendly plants (including ‘Silver King’ and ‘Janet Craig’) that absorb typical office air-toxins, which can be rotated through the offices. Tenant will be able to grow edible plants such as salad and fruits in the garden or as the tenant chooses.
  • The productivity of building employees is boosted 10-15% by the healthy work environment, with natural light and fresh air.
  • Reduced running costs for tenants – energy bill expected to be 10-15% lower than a similar building without sustainable features. If tenants also follow the developer’s Green Building Guide and install energy-efficient lighting and appliances, running costs are likely to be reduced by 40-50%.
  • No car parking on site.
  • Michael Mobbs

    Michael is a former Environmental Lawyer who is uniquely placed to consult in four main areas:

    • Sustainability Coach and Speaker,
    • Sustainable Urban Farm Design greening, watering and cooling the cityscape, roads, parks, suburbs,
    • Major Projects Consultant Commercial and Industrial,
    • Residential Sustainability Consultant.
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