Bronte today

Bronte pool, a calm sea in a calm sky To Bronte this morn, there to throw myself into the pool. Twenty degrees in. Who could ask for more? And that was that. Joy in the moment of diving in, thoughts banished, flesh enlivened.   M    Read More

From Bronte to a tiny, tiny thing

Bronte on my mind, in my eyes and on my flesh   An almost invisible, tiny critter a centimetre long – a baby praying mantis? – on the table in front of me.Earth gifts me beauty, silence, peace.    Read More

Bronte beauty this morning

Bronte pool this morning Generous planet   Aaahh, love it. Thank you lovely, generous planet. Such a way to wake – first, the descent down the hill with a quick lurch of excitement in my heart at the sight of the sea, then the still-tired body’s walk down to the pool, then a dive into the water – brrrrrrr – then . . . bliss, empty mind, flesh-freshened fabbo languid licks of strokes through the water to the other end of Bronte pool there to pause arms... Read More

Bronte sunrise today, 2 August 13

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Bronte sunrise today, Chippendale pollution yesterday

Bronte sunrise, Friday 14 June 2013 Last Friday morning I swam in Bronte pool.  At 19 degrees the pool was clear amidst a clear sky, the light and the moment exactly like the moment Leonard Cohen sings of  . . . ” There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in . . . ” (Anthem). Diving in, there was just silence in my monkey brain and pure sensual pleasure at being alive.   But after the gifted moments I got out of the pool and considered... Read More

Waverley Council poisons our food, kids, insects and waterways

Waverley Council's poison truck and poison sprayers Well, there we are trying to get on with our life, us and the little critters and along comes a Council and poisons things. Here’s an email by Vera, a resident of Bronte in Waverley Council’s area, NSW, to her Councillors about recent spraying of poison by the Council. Has anyone noticed today’s rain?  You’d reckon it’d be doing some good, unless you swam at Bronte beach after the poisoning... Read More

Why do I love rain?

When I smell rain coming, or hear it falling on my roof, I feel happy deep inside. It’s been like that since I can remember. On the farm, lying in bed as a kid listening to it on the grass outside it made me smile.  “That’ll fix things”, I’d think.  The new green grass would be strong in my mind’s eye, and I couldn’t wait to see it.  “Dad’s crop will like this.” Rain then renewed what was around me and what our farming family depended on. Even now, six decades... Read More

Dip in the briney

To keep up with the delish of summer that’s upon us I threw myself into the Bronte pool about half an hour after sunrise today. Yum. What's around the corner? Here comes the sun Bronte pool at 620 am today And so it goes . . . , enjoy this beautiful day, Michael  Read More

Bronte pool this morning

Bronte pool today at 619 am Walked through some gentle rain, lured on by flashes of breakthrough sunlight out to sea, and then into the pool, 17.1 degrees, brrrrr. The definition of exquisite:  that first dive of abandonment into the water counter-pointed by the return of warmth after a few laps, topped off by the simplicity within after a few laps.  Read More

Earlier sun, colder water at Bronte

The sunrises before 7 am now as the days grow longer again.  At this time of the year the longer moments happen in the morning, not at night – several additional seconds of daylight each day.  Later the days get longer at the end of the day with later sunsets in roughly equal proportion to the earlier mornings. But the sea is a degree or two colder most mornings, around 17 degrees in Bronte pool. The photo shows sunrise at 6.54 am, 17 July when the pool was 17.2 degrees.  Read More

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