Sydney Water’s bright idea

Sydney Water's bright idea - tap water Sydney Water, the government owned business monopoly, has had a bright idea.   They’ve begun to provide empty, stylish glass bottles to cafes to serve tap water in.   The label on the bottle says, “Tap – a Sydney Water product”.   This is clever and will, I guess, re-position tap water in the minds of those eating out.  The bottle is solid and stylish.  The label is clear.  It will, I hope, make... Read More

Interesting questions?

Last week I wanted to serve scallops at a meal I was cooking.  When my friend went to buy some for me at the place which typically has the freshest and cheapest seafood, she asked, “Where do they came from? The answer, “Chile”. So there were no scallops on the table that meal. This exchange brought these questions to my mind: When citizen-funded meals are served when: - COAG meets – the group of federal and state Prime Minister and Ministers, public servants... Read More

Sydney Council’s ‘Ethical food policy”

Sydney City Council has created guidelines for buying food for Council purposes. The Guide says: “The City of Sydney recognises the importance of healthy, safe and sustainable food to the general health and wellbeing of our community and our environment. In line with Sustainable Sydney 2030, the City of Sydney intends to lead by example in promoting and providing sustainable, healthy and cruelty-free food choices to our employees, residents and external visitors.  By choosing... Read More

Salt, lies and failed regulators

One of Australia’s best selling books is the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet. It’s an eye opener (and, hopefully, a mouth closer). It and heart specialists agree; salt is killing many Australians.  They die from the high blood pressure, strokes and heart-related illnesses it causes. Combine overweight – not much, just some fat around the tummy and you’re overweight; too much salt and too much stress and it’s just a question of time until these illnesses... Read More

Food box data

Sydney Food Connect has provided data about this months boxes: “Households/week: 247 City Cousins: 32 Price to farmers: 40c/$ Organic or chemical free: 100% Food miles/week: 173km Our market comparison with five other organic and non-organic produce box services this month showed we are on average 14% cheaper!” Julian Lee, co-founder of Sydney Food Connect, is one of five environmentalists named in today’s the(sydney)magazine’s list of Sydney’s top... Read More

Luke’s photos of rough diamond ‘weeds’ and more

Native stingless bee hive on top of chook house - spring clean time The Friday gardeners making a raised bed garden in Myrtle The watermelon Carpaccio with 'weed's - Chippo road garden flowers Wood sorrel (oxalis) - a road 'weed' that graces famous restaurant dishes Salvia flower (pineapple sage) - attracts small birds, boosts soil More chickweed - it's everywhere here One of our Friday gardeners, Luke, is a chef at one of Australia’s most famous restaurants.... Read More

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