New wireless temperature sensor installed at ecoPOPs

Anir and Raz pointing to Ysense temperature logger on Bondi Beach ecoPOPs

Anir and Raz pointing to Ysense temperature logger on Bondi Beach ecoPOPs


A temperature logger has been installed by Anir Upadhyay to measure the temperature from the shade created by the Bondi Beach ecoPOPs.

Anir Upadhyay, is a PhD student at the University of Sydney under the supervision of Professor Richard Hyde.

Anir and a friend, Raz, have designed a wireless data logger. Anir and Raz have configured the data logger with a temperature and humidity sensor. It collects temperature and humidity data and uploads to the web in a specified time. The microprocessor can handle various sensors that are used in environmental monitoring of buildings such as energy usage, air quality, light levels etc. They call this device ‘Ysense’.

Ysense is simple to configure. A smartphone is used to establish communication between the device and a local wifi network. Any change in sampling frequency or modification in code is done ‘at home’ through the web server of the device.

Ysense sensor taped below connecting pipe

Ysense sensor taped below connecting pipe

Temperature data is collected every minute and uploaded to the web each hour.

Any person may see what cooling effect is being achieved by the ecoPOPs.

To see the temperature in the shade of the eocPOPs, please follow this link to download the data:…
Once you log in, you need to select Ecopops-Bondi from left hand side of menu.
Please feel free to share the weblink.

Ysense is now battery powered, but there is an option of using mains or solar power from the ecoPOPs via a USB port. A battery or solar powered sensor offers flexibility and can be installed in any part of a road or building without causing troubles to the building owner/ occupants.

Comparative data from a nearby unshaded road site will be on the website soon so we can measure the temperature reduction achieved by the ecoPOPs.


Cool streets and cooler cities here we come . . .


By the way:  I met Anir when he toured my house and he has my books where, particularly in Sustainable Food, the urban heat island and solutions to it are discussed.

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