Seminar on sustainable public infrastructure

Meet industry, council and community leaders who are designing and building sustainable neighbourhoods. With the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia and others I’ll be presenting a seminar on how to build and operate sustainable public infrastructure.  The first one is in Sydney on Wednesday and Thursday 26 and 27 March. Country seminars will follow later in the year. The seminar is called, Sustainable Public Infrastructure and you may register there. IPWEA... Read More

New short uni course on sustaining neighbourhoods

Do join me in the new uni short course I’m running at UTS, Sydney, called, Building Sustainable Neighbourhoods. There will be three blocks of uni, each of a day and a half. I’ve described it like this on the enrolment site: Meet industry, council and community leaders who are designing and building sustainable neighbourhoods. Learn how to make your neighbourhoods sustainable. Whether it’s water, wastewater (sewage), designing and building cool roads to cool... Read More

Bondi ecopops pops up

  Waverley Council’s ecoPOPs at Bondi Beach planted out today Today, Friday, 16 August, we planted out the ecopops for Waverley Council at Bondi Beach. The tanks are gleaming in the sun and the plants will provide food, nectar for birds and the whole will shade and cool the bit of Roscoe Street that it is in. Next week the Mayor and the Minister for the Environment, Robyn Parker, will launch the ecopops. We’re on our way to cooling our cities with ecopops. Pop!  Read More

The how and where of sustainable streets

Come and hear four speakers tomorrow night at 99 York St, Sydney, where they’ll talk about the how and where of sustainable streets they are creating – see you there! It’s a gig by a group called Think, Act, Change.   M  Read More

ten more conversations for you at farmers markets than supermarkets

This is a useful study for its research on, among other things, urban farming; here are some snippets – enjoy: “Farming the Cities An estimated 800 million people are involved in urban farming worldwide. (p. 50) Consumers in urban areas pay up to 30 percent more for food than people in rural areas. In some cases, poor urbanites spend 60–80 percent of their income on food. (pp. 51–52) Studies show that people at farmers’ markets have as many as 10 times more... Read More

Cool streets to cool cities on ABC TV 730 WA

  On Friday 20 on ABC TV 730WA  Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettit, Michael Mobbs and Shani of Hulbert St – where I stayed in The Painted Fish – show how cool streets cool cities:… Citizens; let’s cool our cities by 1 degree by 2020 and take power stations off line; we can do this. M  Read More

Making units green

Article about making units green, positives, negatives, red tape, solutions and barriers to change:…   and here:…  Read More

Bees and food security

If you’re interested in bees and food security check this out:… Solutions are here:…  Read More

Genghis Khan in Sydney

Up early this cool Autumn morning. Showered in water hot from yesterday’s sun, savoured the simple animal pleasure of the steam of it on the windows.   Walked about 40 minutes to the centre of the city.  Along the edge of Darling Harbour, beside the water all lovely, asparkle, ashowing off in the clear, gods-given sunny, cloudless day.   Then finally to the top floor of the new renovation of the Museum of Modern Art at Circular Quay, functions only.  Isolated from... Read More

Great new vid about how to make Chippo Plan real for us all

Mikey Leung tells stories on video.  He’s just made a beaut vid about our plan to make Chippo sustainable and the people who love it so much they’ve spent hours and hours putting it on a new web page for anyone to use to make the place where they live and work sustainable, too:…   Thank you, Mikey – you’re terrific and so’s your vid. Join with us to make the Plan happen and watch the vid and go to the link there .... Read More

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