Peace Park returns to being a park

Peace Park being a park after being locked up for nine months . . . Last Friday the fencing came down, the contractors mowed the grass and we got Peace Park back. Thanks to those who returned it to us, M  Read More

When is a park not a park?

Three years of fenced off park . . . Promises three years old of “Park Renewal” When is a park not a park?   When it’s Peace Park, Chippendale.   For over three years we’ve watched in growing wonder at the succession of failed attempts to manage the park, in particular to grow traditional grass there.   The latest grass growing effort has seen the park fenced off for some nine months.   If a park is not used for over half the... Read More

Chat to Council’s waste officer in Peace Park

Michael Neville, Sydney City Council’s waste officer, is planning to set up in Peace Park from 3.30 – 7.30 next Tuesday evening, 2 March. Michael can provide advice about worm farms, all types of compost, explain Council policy, discuss your ideas and answer your questions. Here is a council rolling up its sleeves and working in partnerships with our community. Michael says, “Anyone welcome for a chat to discuss wasty stuff…particularly compost …”. Bring him... Read More

  • Michael Mobbs

    Michael is a former Environmental Lawyer who is uniquely placed to consult in four main areas:

    • Sustainability Coach and Speaker,
    • Sustainable Urban Farm Design greening, watering and cooling the cityscape, roads, parks, suburbs,
    • Major Projects Consultant Commercial and Industrial,
    • Residential Sustainability Consultant.
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