Two beautiful statues bring silence to the moment

Charioteer from Motya, Sicily These are to my eyes two of the most beautiful statues. Dancing satyr of Mazara del Vallo The stone one, The charioteer from Motya, Sicily, is probably of a slave or servant as the free or noble folk typically rode their chariots while naked; the sensuous human form evoked below the sculpted cloth is breathtaking for me. The bronze – Dancing Satyr of Mazara del Vallo – is about 2400 years old and was made before the art of bronze-making... Read More

A reminder of Italy in Lombok

Sunset from Cafe Alberto If escaping, perhaps finding yourself, or running from the law, exercising your curiosity or a whim . . . if any of these is yours – whatever the impetus may be that brings you to Lombok, come you to Café Alberto. Lombok Straight from Cafe Alberto This dash of Italy is on the southern headland of Senggigi.  On the web it categorises itself a “B and B”.*  It’s more than that, it’s an oasis. And have some thin slices of cold fish, ‘cooked’... Read More

The Sustainable Communities Plan is on the web

Sydney City Council asked me to make a plan to make the whole suburb of Chippendale sustainable. It’s not just a plan for this suburb; it can be used to make any suburb sustainable – it’s free and you’re welcome to put it to work where you are. Now the Plan can be read on mobiles, kindles and is very easy to search, use and tweet.  Get it here:… Enjoy. You can see some of the folks who support the Plan. Please sign the... Read More

Funny, honest vids that work (and don’t involve my generation)

There’s some terrific videos, vimeos and apps about how to get on with things and to repair our lovely torn Earth.   They often involve kids or folks in their 20s, 30s, not my generation.   My generation is the failed generation.  We had our chance but blew it.   Movies and vids with serious faced professors, ‘guru’s, ‘experts’ from universities – they simply don’t engage most people. And serious documentaries with a point... Read More

More on Chippo ads

Chippo ads are go Ads that add, not subtract Clive sent me these delightful pics along with a story; here’s his note: “Dear Michael I noticed your website reference to “advertising” and thought you might appreciate this bit of art. It appeared a couple of days prior to Australia Day and speaks volumes. Oddly, I encountered a young man near this who was draped in Australian flag. He was having his photo taken by friends but no-one noticed the posters. I... Read More

Advertising in Chippo

Ad industry welcome in Chippo Chippo’s streets are rich with artists’ work and the better for it; walking here is a delight to the eye, mind and all the senses, tho’ challenging to some sensibilities. And this effort on a wall in Cleveland Street by the advertising industry  shows it trying hard, too. Ads that work, M  Read More

Tree veneration art show opens at Chippo Child Care Centre

Canopy Invite On 24 November, 6 – 8 pm, the art show, Canopy, opens at the Chippendale Child Care Centre, Pine Street.   Artists have been celebrating trees at the Centre by venerating them.  The idea is explained by Louise Fowler-Smith in a flier for the show: “Louise has been researching the Sacred Tree for the past decade and has found that the practice of venerating the Tree through decoration protects the Tree in countries such as India. Her research has... Read More

Yummoh garden design

Suspended flower garden by Tig Crowley This suspended ‘flowering roof’ by designer, Tig Crowley, at North Sydney Girls High includes these features; inclined to allow the winter sun in recycled turpentine pole from a demolished wharf And, of course, simplicity. Nice work, Tig, (Tig Crowley is a registered member of the Australian Institute of Landscape Designers & Managers (A.I.L.D.M.), the Australian Institute of Horticulture (A.I.H.), and eligible for membership... Read More

Trying it on; Rilke on a blog

It may be stretching it a bit to pop Rilke onto a blog but the night was such a treat coming home through the soft rain after yoga it seems ok. ‘Overflowing heavens of squandered stars flame brilliantly above your troubles.  Instead of into your pillows, weep up toward them. There, at the already weeping, at the ending visage, slowly thinning out, ravishing worldspace begins . . . Breathe. Breathe the darkness of the earth and again look up!  Again.  Lightly and facelessly depths... Read More

Venerating our trees

With the guidance of Louise Fowler-Smith from the Sydney College of Fine Arts and her students who will create the art, one of our trees will be venerated. The tree is the large Jacaranda in the Pine Street Creative Arts Centre. Pine Street’s involvement is to “supply the tree” which sits within the Centre’s property boundary, located next to the basketball court. The Centre Manger, Jane Hooper, did get permission from the City’s Public Art unit... Read More

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