Spectacular 2 min vid about water, muck and little critters

It’s by the wonderful film-maker Emma: www.bing.com…   Wow; how good is that! Thanks, Emma. May the little critters be with you, M  Read More

Another day, another composter

Got home tonight to find this lovely email:   Hi Michael, I’ve seen you today giving a presentation to Canon employees. It was a very good one and it certainly made people think about the energy and water being wasted in our everyday lives. Many thanks! I would like to let you know my thoughts on coffee grounds composting. Many small, local cafes do not produce enough coffee grounds to make farmers interested in reusing them (as in your example) so they need to pay... Read More

Sydney Water’s bright idea

Sydney Water's bright idea - tap water Sydney Water, the government owned business monopoly, has had a bright idea.   They’ve begun to provide empty, stylish glass bottles to cafes to serve tap water in.   The label on the bottle says, “Tap – a Sydney Water product”.   This is clever and will, I guess, re-position tap water in the minds of those eating out.  The bottle is solid and stylish.  The label is clear.  It will, I hope, make... Read More

Units swap room for ‘stuff’

Units swap room - swap shelf   Swap room with stuff for the taking A block of units I’m working with to ‘go sustainable’ has a ‘swap room’ where residents put their ‘stuff” for others to take if they want it.   Things not taken after a while are then sent to waste.   Next step is to work out how to stop stuff going to the mine near Goulburn where Sydney’s waste gets tipped down the shaft.   Good idea.   There’s... Read More

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