Sydney Water’s bright idea

Sydney Water's bright idea - tap water

Sydney Water, the government owned business monopoly, has had a bright idea.


They’ve begun to provide empty, stylish glass bottles to cafes to serve tap water in.


The label on the bottle says, “Tap – a Sydney Water product”.


This is clever and will, I guess, re-position tap water in the minds of those eating out.  The bottle is solid and stylish.  The label is clear.  It will, I hope, make food eaters begin to question whether they need to buy bottled water which causes so much energy and water pollution or get pretty much the same water at a thousandth of the price – a cent or two if you cost the mains tap water compared to the several dollars for companies selling bottled water.


My guess is if Sydney Water had not been a government business and so slow to act this might have happened years ago and perhaps millions of bottles would have been kept out of our waterways and so many more fish would not have been killed by the tiny shards of plastic which bottled water bottles become when thrown away.


Still, a bright idea and a really positive action.


Just the same, I’ll stick with my bottled rainwater from my rain tank – I call it, “Chippo Champagne”.


May the plastic bottles not be with you,


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