Another day, another composter

Got home tonight to find this lovely email:


Hi Michael,
I’ve seen you today giving a presentation to Canon employees. It was a very good one and it certainly made people think about the energy and water being wasted in our everyday lives. Many thanks!
I would like to let you know my thoughts on coffee grounds composting. Many small, local cafes do not produce enough coffee grounds to make farmers interested in reusing them (as in your example) so they need to pay for disposal. I believe people should use this situation as an opportunity to get material for compost bins in suburban gardens or to create raised beds. Of course, the coffee grounds should not be composted alone, being high in nitrogen they need to be mixed with carbon-rich material, like non-glossy paper or cardboard. The paper products which each household usually throws out or recycles should be used instead to produce food. Scrunched newspapers, torn junk mail, shredded documents, toilet paper rolls – they all make great compost combined with coffee grounds. This time of the year leaves from deciduous trees could be used as well. It is easy and doable even by someone who works full time.
I have an agreement with such a small local business and pick up 25-30 kgs coffee grounds per week and also large hessian bags they buy coffee beans in. My neighbours give me their old newspapers (I have a wire basket at the edge of my front garden for collection) and also let me to sweep fallen leaves. It all works very well.
I wonder if you could mention this in your blog as autumn is in full swing (which means more people drinking hot coffee and more fallen leaves).
Anyway, thank you again for an opportunity to listen to you. My head is spinning with new ideas!
Thanks, Margaret,
Go the composters,


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