Bright idea and investor’s generosity sends books to 154 Councils

You know a good idea when you hear one – it just makes sense.

When a friend and colleague (who does not wish to be named), suggested sending the new book, Sustainable Food, to Australian councils it was such a beaut idea I had no hesitation in asking a commercial property investor who has built a project which commands respect for the way it’s integrated sustainability with design, Lesli Berger, Fivex Commercial Property, if he would buy the books.

Lesli said “Yes”.

Now, because of my colleague and Lesli, Sustainable Food is being mailed out to 154 councils with a letter inviting the councils to develop policies in response to the problems and solutions described in the book.  The letter says in part:

“Chief Executive Officer / General Manager

I’m writing to invite your Council to develop policies to respond to food issues raised in my new book, Sustainable Food, a copy of which is attached.

I write, and the book has been published, at a time of growing uncertainty about the security of our food supplies, the decline of water and energy resources, increased uncertainty about the impact of changing weather on our ability to grow food. Policy issues include:

  • How can we improve social and community life?
  • How can we cool streets and increase tree canopy?  Our cities are up to 6 to 8 degrees hotter because of black roads, little or no tree canopy and dark roofs and pavements.  Roads cause larger electricity bills for air conditioning. Part of the answer is for Council to use pale instead of dark coloured media in its maintenance and repair road works
  • What are the affordable and easy-to-implement options for increasing local jobs and making the local economy more resilient?

The midnight truth

Urban heat island – Sustainable Food pp 18, 19


Some solutions and projects include:

    • Keep local agricultural industries viable by buying their food
    • Meridian subdivision, Dandenong City, Victoria which includes thousands of fruit trees
    • Increase tree canopy by directing stormwater to road verges to keep it before it’s wasted to the road
    • For less than $300 over 4 million litres of stormwater is kept each year in an inner city suburb with simple drainage works carried out by local residents and businesses.”


Thank you colleague and Lesli for your bright idea and support for sustaining our Australian communities – wonderful work!



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