Share library built today in our road garden

Library with signs and Coco’s books Jay, Macquarie, Coco and I built a free road library today.   Coco and her book donation in the library Well, Jay and the others, really, I just dug the hole for the pole   Coco and Macquarie paint the library A recycled esky, a bamboo pole set in cement in the ground, one side of the esky turned into a door, and Coco donated the first two books.   Signs need to be improved but at least it’s on its way.   Free... Read More

How to laugh and garden at the same time

We’ve had so much good feedback on the lovely vid that Ash Berd did that I’m posting it here for those who may have missed it.…   Now tell me if you think I’m seeing things – don’t we look like we’re having fun? Join us gardening, walking the labyrinth, and in our next enterprise: making public libraries in our streets . . . . what’s that? Ahhh, wait and see . . . more life coming to our streets soon... Read More

Come gardening with us tomorrow

Chippo Nasturtiums on desk Gardeners There’s a couple of dozen buckets of good soil for us to put onto our gardens tomorrow. We need lots of us; even if you just have half an hour to help that would be terrific. We’d love to see anyone who’s never gardened, or think they can’t garden – after an hour with us you’ll be on your way and you’ll discover how easy and enjoyable it is to do something which connects you with Earth.... Read More

Fejoia is fab

Banana and fejoia I’ve really developed a taste for fejoia; the one I photographed here I bought from Harris Farm, Broadway. The fejoia is the best performing of our street fruit trees; hardy, doesn’t need watering, easy to espalier, and, best of all, not one has been stolen. Try one – you may become a fejoia lover, too; it was a very strange taste the first time, part kiwi fruit, part something entirely new. To eat; cut in half, take a spoon and eat raw... Read More

Great new vid about how to make Chippo Plan real for us all

Mikey Leung tells stories on video.  He’s just made a beaut vid about our plan to make Chippo sustainable and the people who love it so much they’ve spent hours and hours putting it on a new web page for anyone to use to make the place where they live and work sustainable, too:…   Thank you, Mikey – you’re terrific and so’s your vid. Join with us to make the Plan happen and watch the vid and go to the link there .... Read More

Gardeners, shed-admirers and garage sellers

The Shed See you gardening from 9 am at the Shed or after on the streets this Friday. Newly painted garden shed The folks at the Pine Street Creative Arts Centre have painted our garden shed.  Wow, terrific and thanks to them all, and to Robert who made it happen. Not sure whether to enter it in the Archibald (as a portrait of a straight-laced gardener’s outfit), never touch it again as it’s too lovely to, say prayers of grace when entering and leaving its stripey... Read More

Angel’s Trumpets bloom twice

Brugmansia - Angel's Trumpets flowers, Myrtle Street The trumpet-shaped Angel’s Trumpets plant in Myrtle Street, on the southern side, outside the units on the corner of City Road has bloomed for the second time this year. Beautiful, fragrant blossoms. The technical name is Brugmansia. The first lot were completely cut off by someone; another Urban Galah. Toot! M    Read More

Waverley Council’s free movie and talk

On Friday 11 November from 630 to 8 pm at Waverley Library, Denison St, Bondi Junction, the Council will provide a free screening of the 28 minute doco, Waste not, and I’ll be talking about sustainable design and food. Details in the Council’s flier which you can download here: Library Recycling Week A5 flyer OCT11 page 1 Press See you there, Michael  Read More

Ride on bike lunch – stall at Everleigh Markets

Alexandra and Joanne from Youth Food Movement - + their stall at Everleigh Markets The Youth Food folk had their stall at Everleigh Markets last Saturday. Visit them any Saturday between now and 15 October to find out about their ride plan – it’s to promote local, healthy food and will start at the markets, include a tour of Sydney’s Sustainable House and the road gardens of Chippendale. Check it out here, too:…   I’ll... Read More

Bill, the sustainability apprentice

Bill, who loves coffee and works at Toby’s Estate in City Road, Chippendale, has begun his sustainability apprenticeship. Bill, along with the whole of the Toby’s Estate lot are going to reduce the waste, energy, water and other resource uses of the business. Starting with the coffee-making and cafe business in City Road, Bill and his fellow workmates will garden, compost, gather data and work out where the business can save on resources and avoidable costs. He’s... Read More

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