NSW Minister Humphries gardens with us in Chippo

Photo Left to right: Nathan (about a quarter of him), Bob, Paul, Minister Kevin Humphries, Michael, Greg, Paddy, James (about a quarter of him) Here is a photo taken today of Kevin Humphries MP, NSW Minister for Mental Health and some TAFE Outreach gardeners at a vertical garden in Chippendale. The Minister planted a lettuce and inspected the Chippendale gardens, compost bins and will be in touch soon about how the state may become involved. Great to see a hands on Minister... Read More

Greg builds a shed

Shed in bits + Greg Greg and shed, finished Greg built a shed this weekend.  Provided by Sydney City Council through the good work of Russ Grayson there, it arrived at Pine Street Creative Centre on Friday.  Starting on it after some lunch time tucker at the Duck n Swan on Saturday, young Greg downed tools after sunset when the torch held by his assistant failed to find the holes for the screws to go in.  Today Greg finished the job and now it’s ready for the Pine Street... Read More

Our new shed arrives

This Friday our new garden shed arrives. It will be in the yard of the Pine Street Creative Centre near the western boundary fence. Any gardener will have access to it. Now anyone will be able to get garden gear and garden at any time that suits them. The Council officer who has made this happen, Russ Grayson, will get a lock for it and we can give the combination code to any gardener so they may gain access. The manager of Pine Street, Jane Hooper, is getting one of the Centre’s... Read More

Scenes from a Chippo walk today

Wrong Connection [phone hanging from electricity wires - good throw, I reckon What's that little lump on the corner ahead? Aah, horseman, passing by Shall I think of myself as 'etc' today? To finish the walk - some trees: Paw paw, Tamarillo, Pomelo, Caffre and more . . .  Read More

Cockroach crusade and other journeys

These last six weeks, with help and guidance from Russ Grayson and Helen Bradley of Sydney City Council, we’ve been fertilizing, getting rid of cockroaches, and mulching the gardens here. Russ managed the purchase by Council of the lucerne mulch and the organic fertilizer.  I haven’t seen the fertilizer before and here are the details: Paton Fertilizers Gold Citrus Food, 126 Andrews Road, Penrith NSW 2750  tel 1800 644 753   www.paton.com….au Helen managed... Read More

Food is the second biggest greenhouse polluter after power stations

This quote from the NSW EPA helps to explain why we’re growing food where we live and work in Chippendale: ‘In Australia, the food supply chain is responsible for approximately 23 per cent of Australia’s total greenhouse gas emissions, making it the second-highest emissions generating activity after power stations. This includes direct emissions from agriculture, and those attributed to energy, transport, food production, processing and distribution.” NSW EPA www.lovefoodhatewaste.nsw.gov….au/love-food/environmental-impacts.aspx  Read More

Sydney Council’s ‘Ethical food policy”

Sydney City Council has created guidelines for buying food for Council purposes. The Guide says: “The City of Sydney recognises the importance of healthy, safe and sustainable food to the general health and wellbeing of our community and our environment. In line with Sustainable Sydney 2030, the City of Sydney intends to lead by example in promoting and providing sustainable, healthy and cruelty-free food choices to our employees, residents and external visitors.  By choosing... Read More

Chippo Garden & Compost Workshop Wed 23 March

On Wednesday 23 March – next week – Sydney City Council will hold a workshop about composting and gardening in Chippendale. Commencing at 630 and finishing at 8 pm at the Pine Street Creative Arts Centre, the workshop will enable each participant to express their ideas and opinions and to offer criticisms and to ask questions. The information from the workshop will be used to develop the Sustainable Streets and Communities Plan being prepared for Chippendale by the... Read More

Workshops for Sustainable Streets & Communities Plan

Sustainable Chippo Public Meetings Info On Wednesday 16 March at 630 to 8 pm Sydney City Council will hold a public meeting to provide information and hear feedback on the Sustainable Streets and Communities Plan that’s being prepared. Information is in the flier from the Council which you may download above; it’s about 1 MB – if you’re a ChippoIte then do try to get there, ask questions, offer ideas and help us work together to sustain where we live and... Read More

Clean up Chippo this Sunday 6 March

Clean up chippendale A new local, Thais, has set up a group to clean up Chippo this Sunday 5 March  Read More

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