Gardeners, shed-admirers and garage sellers

The Shed

See you gardening from 9 am at the Shed or after on the streets this Friday.
Newly painted garden shed
The folks at the Pine Street Creative Arts Centre have painted our garden shed.  Wow, terrific and thanks to them all, and to Robert who made it happen.
Not sure whether to enter it in the Archibald (as a portrait of a straight-laced gardener’s outfit), never touch it again as it’s too lovely to, say prayers of grace when entering and leaving its stripey portal, or what? It’s been called, Greg’s Shed, ’til now.  Maybe a naming ceremony is due, perhaps for Greg’s Stripey Shed?
Mulching and late harvesting
The recycled wood shavings are in constant supply now and helping us to mulch our gardens and balance our compost bins.  This coming Friday we’ll put some around the plants to give them their autumn and winter ‘doona’.


Our lovely torn Earth’s climate is broken and rain, rain, rain keeps raining on our gardening parade.  Take it from me – gardening in the rain is the second best thing after diving into the Bronte pool – liberating – to plant something with the rain on your back and the new plant blessed by it is about as good as it gets.  Unless it’s driving rain we garden.  And we get wet.  So what.  After all there’s that great gardening song, “Singin’ in the rain’, right?

Chippendale garage sale
It’s the annual garage sale trail event again.
Let’s have as many of our businesses, houses and units selling or giving away unwanted things as we can.  Last year we had four in one block in Myrtle Street and several more across the suburb.  A day of colour, chats, wonder at the ‘stuff’ in our lives.  At my place we gave away worm juice, some local harvest and sold a few things.  Might sell a few of the chookies’ best eggs in town this year; go girls.
To register your house or unit garage sale it’s free and you get lots of publicity and support for your sale: go here:…
It’s on Saturday 5 May across the whole of Australia.
See you Friday at 9 am at the garden shed or on the streets,
Go the gardeners, gotta love our road gardens,
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