Interesting questions?

Last week I wanted to serve scallops at a meal I was cooking.  When my friend went to buy some for me at the place which typically has the freshest and cheapest seafood, she asked, “Where do they came from?

The answer, “Chile”.

So there were no scallops on the table that meal.

This exchange brought these questions to my mind:

When citizen-funded meals are served when:

- COAG meets – the group of federal and state Prime Minister and Ministers, public servants and consultants . . .


- the Prime Minister and Premiers host dinners . . .


-Mayors and Councillors eat at Council . . .

. . . where does their food come from?

Nearby farmers?

Or from Coles or Woolworths (which pay farmers about 5 cents in the consumer dollar).

Or, China, Chile, Argentina, Italy . . . ?

Interesting, don’t you think?

Just as interesting is this question:  ”Do they ask this question?”

It’s a question I suggest needs to be asked by places which affix themselves with the title ‘a place of higher learning”  - universities; and by schools, companies and anybody professing support for a sustainable business or Earth.

May the local farmers be with us,


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  1. Kerrie Eather says:

    Try buying Australian Garlic in Supermarkets or Fruit shops.. It all comes from China or Spain
    I now buy garlic garlic from a grower in the Hunter and it is delivered to my door. Beautiful fresh local produce. I go out of my way to not shop at Woolworths or Coles, but it is getting harder and harder to find local fresh produce form local growers…They are all being priced out of existence
    Wedsite for garlic and all other produce:


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