Sydney study into native bee health

Leafcutter bee A research project is underway in Sydney, led by Tanya Latty, into the health of native bees. In their new facebook page Tanya Latty says:. The goal of the Urban Bees project is to study the ecology of native bees in community gardens within greater Sydney metropolitan area. Specifically, we will address four main questions: 1) Which species of native bee are present in community gardens and in what numbers? 2) Which plant species/flowers are attractive to bees? 3)... Read More

Elke’s bee photos

Inside the honey bee hive This weekend I met a friend, Elke Haege, a landscape architect and consulting arborist, at the Australian Garden Show at Centennial Park and she promised me some photos of her introduced honey bees and hive in her garden at Paddington, Sydney.   European honey bee Elke says: “I was inspecting my hives this morning and took a few pictures.  This time of the year is really all about regular inspections to prevent swarming. Gee you have to really... Read More

Bee killer pesticides banned in Europe

Some good news for bee lovers:  bee killing pesticides have been banned today across European Countries for the next two years; read it here: pesticide banned. . . . . go the bees ….. bzzzzzzz Michael  Read More

What to do when your native stingless bees swarm

  Native stingless bees swarming in Enmore, Sydney, 3 March, 2013 On 3 March I got a call from Greg, a friend who said, “We have a situation . . . “.  He described a big cloud – more than a metre in diameter – of bees from the hive in the garden, and he sent me some photos one of which is here. It shows bees all over the hive and, if you look closely, they fill the air around it. I emailed Tim Heard in Brisbane, from whom the original hive was obtained... Read More

Climate change a cause of Arab spring and more to come . . .

In his New York Times column today, Thomas L Friedman attributes climate change and the collapse of the world’s food crops, particularly wheat, as a major cause of civil unrest, particularly in the Middle East and specifically as a cause of the “Arab spring”: “Consider this: The world’s top nine wheat-importers are in the Middle East: “Seven had political protests resulting in civilian deaths in 2011,” said Sternberg. “Households in the countries... Read More

Are Asian lizards eating our native bees?

Ghecco – feral Asian lizard in Sydney home Here’s a couple of notes I’ve received from a Queensland resident who says little feral Asian lizards are eating her native stingless bees: “Hi Michael. I have found droppings (which are a distinctive black, with a white dot on the end.Somewhat like an explanation mark!!) around the entrance and on the bee platform. We have them everywhere here in Qld. They can take over your house if they are not controlled, so... Read More

New bee hive in Dulwich Hill, Sydney

Last week, after splitting the native stingless bee hive at my Chippendale place we took the new hive to Judy’s place at Dulwich Hill. New Dulwich Hill hive – tied together ’til bees wax the three compartments together The bees in both hives  have had a couple of big meetings outside the hive, forming a swirling circle about a metre in diametre where they discuss the recent upset of their lives and the new hive; what they do and say I don’t know but it... Read More

Chippo book launch and bee hive split

The bees, eggs and honey of the hive during the split   Sitting with Auntie Fran in Peace Park Native Stingless Bee Hive before the split These photos are by Jessica Perinia, photographer of nature and editor of my books. Last Sunday Auntie Fran Bodkin and I sat under a tree in Peace Park, Chippendale with about 30 others to talk about our beautiful country and to hear Fran speak of it.  We were privileged to hear Fran talk about the ants of Sydney’s plain and how... Read More

Savouring another’s powers of observation

A  Sydney-living Aboriginal elder with powers of observation I can only dream of sent me this note today: ‘Had a wonderful thing happen a couple of days ago – the first really warm day we’ve had, and the lawn underneath the Empress tree was black,    When I looked down, each blade of grass had a little black native bee sunbaking on it.   They seemed to be enjoying it so much, turning around every couple of minutes to get the sun on another part.   The... Read More

Native bee hive coming to Pine street

The native bee hive will be delivered and installed at Pine Street Creative Arts Centre next week.   Here is the email from Sophie Golding at Sydney Council which is providing them; please only contact Sophie at Council, or Thais from Sustainable Chippendale – please do not contact me – thanks. If, for example, you wish to do the bee keeping workshop contact Sophie. Bzzzzz . . . . : “Sophie Golding <> Hi all, A quick... Read More

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