Meet R2Me2, my off the grid battery and inverter

R2Me2, my off the grid battery and inverter on my verandah At the tour of Sydney’s Sustainable House on Saturday 27 June we’ll look at the new off the grid battery on my verandah, called R2Me2. There’ll be a confession or two by said gizmo as to misdoings, bad conduct(ing) and circuits unknown. What a bzzzzzzzzz . . .  Read More

What solar panels should I buy?

“What solar panels should I buy?”   I’m asked this at least a couple of times a week.  It’s time to share the answer.   My answer is in three parts.   Part One: You’re not buying the panels, you’re buying the power.  What’s promised by the panel seller or installer or maker may not be what you get.  Sure, you’ll get the panel, but does it give you the power you were promised?  So the... Read More

A good day for the chooks

Pesky in the background, Feisty in the foreground. Confined to the far end of the chook run outside the kitchen, they were sceptical about the workmanship (who was this guy with power tools for chooks’ sake?), and the design for our new house?   Pesky and Feisty got a new chookhouse today.   The Chippendale Hilton.   Mick, the Chippendale handyman, worked wonders and everything was recycled except for a few screws (these weren’t... Read More

Bronte today

Bronte pool, a calm sea in a calm sky To Bronte this morn, there to throw myself into the pool. Twenty degrees in. Who could ask for more? And that was that. Joy in the moment of diving in, thoughts banished, flesh enlivened.   M    Read More

Please qualify for reduced price solar / battery power with my survey

Hi.   We had a terrific information night at Sydney’s Sustainable House on Monday  about making solar power cheaper. As promised, the survey for anyone to qualify to join the group bulk buying to bring down the price of solar and batteries has been published. THE SURVEY – If you’re interested in filling in the survey, click to fill it in here. If you return your survey by Tuesday 2 June we will provide cost information and... Read More

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