Please qualify for reduced price solar / battery power with my survey



We had a terrific information night at Sydney’s Sustainable House on Monday ¬†about making solar power cheaper.

As promised, the survey for anyone to qualify to join the group bulk buying to bring down the price of solar and batteries has been published.

THE SURVEY – If you’re interested in filling in the survey, click to fill it in here.

If you return your survey by Tuesday 2 June we will provide cost information and more news.


Let’s go!


Our lovely, generous sun awaits.




7 Responses to “Please qualify for reduced price solar / battery power with my survey”
  1. Michael says:

    Hi, you’re very welcome to complete the survey and join the group buying in bulk: the survey link is in the blog. Thank you, Michael

  2. Belinda Read says:

    Hi Michael,
    We live in the southern highlands and currently have a solar system feeding into the grid.
    We would love to add more panels and go off grid.
    Have only just seen your posts so hopefully we are not too late to register our interest in batteries.

  3. Garry Blandy says:

    I have been using solar water heaters since the late 1970′s. My existing solar water heater appears to be approaching the end of its service life after 18 years. I am currently looking to renovate my house (I have a substantial roof area facing north at 30deg. slope) with the intention of installing an array of solar panels for the generation of electricity.

    It occurs to me that with the advances in generation of solar power it may actually be more efficient (& cost effective?) to use electricity generated from solar panels to heat water in a conventional electric water heater, than to have a separate solar water heater. What is your opinion?

    I would also like to update myself in the area of renewable energy (primarily solar). Are you able to advise which sources of information might be most appropriate?

    Looking forward to your response.

  4. Bob Newey says:

    I already have PVA and am getting 60c?kWh. If I put more on, what will happen to my rate?

  5. Michael says:

    Hi, Desdemona – the address where you plan to put the solar and / or battery will do, please. Michael

  6. Desdemona says:

    I would like to buy solar with you but i am moving so should i just put address where I’m going to and base it on current usage?
    Thanks Desdemona

  7. IB says:

    Hi Michael, sustainable houses/living is all so new for our family and looking forward to going on this journey!
    Thank you.

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