Off the grid info evening at Sydney’s Sustainable House



Power your place with the sun

Power Australia with the sun

Buy in bulk – be one of over 30 off the grid solar energy buyers

Cut your purchase price by a HUGE amount  by buying in bulk

Stop burning coal for your place




Please join me and about 30 others at my place for an information evening about using solar energy to power your home or business.


  • Date: Monday 25 May 15
  • Time: 630 for light supper, information and discussion concludes at 9 pm
  • Place:  58 Myrtle Street, Chippendale
  • RSVP: to  – BY Monday 18 May with numbers of guests.
  • NOTE: Numbers limited: first 30 folk to register will share the fun


If you know of a friend of yours who may wish to go solar, too, please ask them to come with you, too.


I’m suggesting this idea to you and at least one friend of yours as I wish to bring down the individual purchase costs for you for a solar system.  That will happen if a minimum number of us buy in bulk.


The preferred installer, Australia Wide Solar, will present information about the options.


I’ll talk openly about my experiences, successes and failures, and show you the system at my place.


I disclose that I will receive a commission of a maximum of $1000 on sales if over 30 people agree.


As part of the information time we will test a qualifying customer survey.  We don’t wish to waste your time or ours. With your feedback on it, the survey will be published on the internet for you to complete in your own time.  The survey will help you qualify and choose one of the three options:


  1. Stay connected to the main grid using solar only  – if you already have solar panels, that’s fine
  2. Stay connected using solar with batteries
  3. Disconnect using only solar and batteries


To qualify for a one or more of the three options you will need to have, or choose to achieve, some maximum or minimum requirements at your house or business, particularly for the area of sunlit roof and for the average daily energy use.  The survey will spell out the maximum and minimum energy requirements.


If you don’t qualify because your roof or energy use or some other factor puts you outside the survey, but wish to, the survey prompts you to choose some solutions. Depending on the solutions you choose either or both myself and AWS will help you implement the solutions at no cost to you for our advice.


Once 30 or more folk complete the survey and qualify for 30 sales of systems we will  then offer you the choice to commit as a member of the bulk purchase group.


If we don’t reach 30 sales there will be no reduction in price and no bulk sale arrangement.


Let’s have some fun.


Warm regards,


6 Responses to “Off the grid info evening at Sydney’s Sustainable House”
  1. Michael says:

    About another ten; if you have an energy efficient fridge that can cut your energy use by a couple of kWh a day; see Sustainable House where I describe how I did that at my place and some other projects have too.

  2. Michael says:

    Great to hear; please email me and I’ll add your name to the group buying in bulk; email me from my website please

  3. Michael says:

    Anyone may disconnect from the electricity grid.

    A full legal advice with questions and answers is on this website:

  4. Sue Heaney says:

    How did you get to be off the grid? I thought we had no choice unless you were too far from existing power supplies.



  5. Brian Travis says:

    Interested in the bulk buy, specifically for inverter/battery. Currently running 5Kw of panels – get around 4kwH peak on good days. Caught this too late to book. Good luck!


    0402 992 833

  6. Bob Newey says:

    We have a house with solar pool heating, solar hot water, and ten panels of PV. Our consumption is about 22kWhrs per day. How many extra panels would we need to become self sufficient?

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