Bondi Gobbler feeders tour Sydney’s Sustainable House

The Gobbler crew outside Sydney's Sustainable House

The Gobbler crew outside Sydney’s Sustainable House

Having trialled the Bondi Gobbler at Bondi Pavilion with the cafes there and Waverley Council, and turning food waste into compost in 24 hours to be taken to John Fairley’s Country Valley Dairy farm at Picton for six months I’m convinced this is the way to end food waste, cut on farm and cafe costs and cut air pollution.


So I’m working to sell four year leases of the Gobblers to cafes, food courts and anyone who wishes to cut their cafe and farm costs.


I’m working with the importer of Gobbler machines, Closed Loop, and together we’re going to do our best to sell and lease thousands of Gobblers.


So last Friday I gave a tour of my sustainable house to some folks from the office where I’m working in Surry Hills, at Closed Loop.


They’re terrific and it was great to ‘fire up’ with them.


We love what we do.


Please call or email me if you’ld like to inspect the Gobbler or discuss a lease and the costs and savings of having your food waste gobbled:  0424 460 525.



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  1. Caroline says:

    I love this idea! I think government should support these initiatives so how about seeing if these can be installed in government buildings? A lot of them also have cafés downstairs as well that could reduce their waste cost by utilising these. A lot of food scraps could be recycled from lunches etc when there are a few thousand people in a building. And there must be some green space around these buildings that could use compost, or Build some waterwick garden beds for herbs or staff could take the compost home to use. This should mean less work for cleaners too as there would be less rubbish to remove.

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