Frankston Council shows leadership with rate rebate for composting

Frankston Council, Victoria, has a run-away success with it’s rate rebate for composting program, Halve Garbage.


The designer of the program, Alison Winn, says:

“I originally designed the ‘Halve Garbage Waste’ program and secured a $100 000 grant to roll out a smaller garbage bin service to residents.  Residents who signed up received either a compost bin or a worm farm and a $20 rate reduction.  I think the smaller bin was a 60L bin.  The program incorporated a large education program teaching children about worm farming, waste reduction and composting in partnership with I think 3 schools.  Composting and worm farming workshops were also offered to residents on the program.  I think we might have weighed the bin waste too to gather data on how successful it was.  Now I originally designed the pilot study for 100 residents but really hoped to engage 1000 residents on it and I think they have now offered it to 1000 residents.   More residents want to participate now.  The last I heard of it was that they have received another grant to expand the service. “


The Council says this on its website:


“Funded through Sustainability Victoria, the Half Garbage Waste project involved 1000 households from across Frankston City. These households were given a free compost bin or subsidised worm farm and received a $20 rebate on their Annual Rates, and, in return, changed from weekly to fortnightly household garbage collection, with their garbage bin identified by a red lid.

So far the project has been a great success! By February 2007 99% of participating households were composting or worm farming their kitchen scraps and 60% composting their garden waste! Most participants reported that the compost bin or worm farm was easy to set up and use every day. Many participants also reduced their household waste by other means, such as buying products with less packaging or with packaging that could be recycled and using reusable bags when shopping. “


There are fact sheets, application forms and other useful document on the website.

I particularly like halving the number of garbage collections from the participants.

The Sustainable Communities Plan proposes a rate rebate for composting and other acts by ratepayers – both residents and businesses – which cut council costs and deliver public benefits – such as, for example, road gardening.

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