Public meets to discuss plan to sustain a suburb

The Sustainable Communities Team have arranged a public meeting on Tuesday 16 October at 545 pm to discuss the plan to sustain a suburb, The Sustainable Communities Plan.


They’ve put the event onto Facebook where any person, even if they don’t use Facebook, may visit to see what’s planned.  Here’s an extract from the site:


  • The Sustainable Communities Panel is a completely free event brought to you by The Sustainable Communities Plan team. There will be an expert panel talking about The Plan in Chippendale and all things sustainable, gratis food and drinks, and you!The All Star Panel:

    - Monica Barone is General Manager of City of Sydney Council and a supporter of local community action.

    - John Connor is the CEO of The Climate Institute and other impressive resume fillers including being a leader in The Australian Conservation Foundation and has worked on numerous government advisory panels, most recently for the Prime Minister’s Task Group on Energy Efficiency.….au/board.html- Costa Georgiadis is the host of ABC Television’s Gardening Australia and a landscape architect with a beard as lush as his garden.…gardening/stories/s2476106.htm

    - John Fairley is a farmer from Country Valley Farm, Picton, who is going to take all of Chippendale’s food waste to use as soil on his farm. He’ll also be supplying local tasties.….au/aboutus.html

    - Jeff Angel is Executive Director of the Total Environment Centre who published his book Green is Good in…who-we-are

    - Sharon Bicknell of Guerrilla Parsley, who will be trialling a new app to locate and help grow local food.

    - Jess Miller is part of the Republic of Everyone, co-founder of GreenUps and Grow It Local, a fellow of the Centre For Sustainability Leadership and conducts the Sustainable House Tours every second Saturday. She’s also MCing the proceedings.

    Each speaker will present for five minutes. Following that it’s your turn: we’ll have a Q&A where you can pick our expert’s green brains. After all, that’s what they’re there for!

    The event will also be the perfect opportunity to make a submission on The Sustainable Communities Plan, which City of Sydney Council currently has on exhibition. We’ll have a computer and a friendly volunteer there to help make your (cyber) voice heard by the Councillors.

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