In conversation with Mayor Pettit, Fremantle 16 July 2012

Event – New Edition Bookshop – Invite

If you’re in Perth or Fremantle on Monday 16 July come to a conversation I’ll be having with Brad Pettit,¬†Mayor of Fremantle at 6 for 630 pm, New Edition bookshop.

We’ll be discussing growing and buying local food, cooling cities by cooling their streets and, perhaps (for me, at least) one of the real goals of living sustainably, the dignity and delight we may accidentally come upon when we meet strangers or friends in those streets which may we cool and colour and surprise ourselves in when we make them into edible landscapes. ¬†Street are our shared living rooms, don’t you think?

May the civil surprises of richly planted and diverse streets be with us,


4 Responses to “In conversation with Mayor Pettit, Fremantle 16 July 2012”
  1. Mike Norriss says:

    Hi Michael,
    Thanks, the emails about the other events arrived within hours of me emailing you. I look forward to seeing you at one of these events. Cheers, Mike

  2. Michael says:

    I’m there from Monday morning, returning Friday morning. Other options include:


    7 pm
    Hilton Community Centre Foyer in Paget Street
    charge $5 with proceeds going to running of the Hulbert Street Sustainablillity Fiesta
    Organiser: Shani Graham
    Shani Graham and Tim Darby

    Supper at The Painted Fish
    21 Hulbert Street, South Fremantle
    phone 08 9335 4886?Shani 0417 941 991

    Date Thursday, July 19 – CUSP Event
    Time 11.30am-12.30pm. Please join us for morning tea at 11.00am
    Venue CUSP Shed, CUSP office, 3 Pakenham Street, Fremantle

    Presenter: Michael Mobbs
    In December 2010 Sydney City Councillors unanimously asked me to make a plan to make an existing suburb sustainable, Chippendale. The Plan is here:

  3. Pernille says:

    What about passive solar design in the inner city? incorporated as a toen planning scheme?

  4. Mike Norriss says:

    Hi Michael,
    I met you outside your house in September 2010 on a visit to Sydney from here in Fremantle (and I have since bought your latest Sustainable House book). On Monday evening 16 July I have a prearranged event that I need to go to, so unfortunately I can’t get to your chat with Brad Pettit. I would like to meet with you again, particularly as this is my home town. Is there anywhere else that you will be while you are in Fremanlte (or Perth) that I could catch up with you? Thanks and I look forward to seeing you again. Cheers, Mike

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