Wonderful writing, great start to the day


Sometimes, we start the day, and read something that’s out of the ordinary.

In today’s Sydney Morning Herald Jessica Irvine has written something which touches both our Chippendale and every community in every city; worth a read and I’ve blogged, facebooked and emailed it:
If you do read it, read James C Scott’s, Seeing like a state; he’s in Ostrom’s class (to whom Irvine refers), or the books by Stephen J Lansing about rice farming in Bali -
  • Perfect Order: Recognising complexity in Bali, J Stephen Lansing, Princeton University Press, 2006
  • Priests and Programmers: Technologies of power in the engineered landscape of Bali, J Stephen Lansing, Princeton University Press, 2007
Thank you, Jessica. Great to start the day with a dash of hope.
Truly, we succeed when we succeed as communities.
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  1. Belel says:

    Hi Michael, I was wondering, what do you do with your solid sewage waste, and what does the black water look like after passing through the sand and U.V?

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