So much fun burning oil

Went to Warrnambool, Victoria, these last three days.


Warrnambool Council asked me to speak about sustainable living at their Sustainable Living Festival held on Saturday 14 January.


It was a lot of fun, seeing these places and meeting so many interesting folks.  Saw a great community garden at Warrnambool; info here:…



Friday morning I flew from Sydney to Avalon airport near Geelong, about 1 hour 20 if you don’t count the time Jetstar took to actually get us there.  Then by hire car down the Great South Road for five hours ’til I got to Warrnambool.  Lots of walking around the place there but also some short five minute car trips.  Then Sunday, back in the hire car to Melbourne to meet some folks about some new projects. Then later Sunday afternoon, on the train back to Sydney to arrive here this morning.  Over 1600 kilometres in three days.


I couldn’t have been to all these places in three days without burning a lot of oil.


Oil allows us to get around and do things like nothing else does – not gas, not, electricity, not diesel . . .


It was a lot of fun.  Thanks oil.


To offset my pollution I asked the Council to pay $100 to a farmer who grows soil, or carbon, as part of his farming.  By growing soil over the next year he’ll take carbon pollution out of the air.  But if I’d bought, say, trees to ‘offset’ my pollution then as the trees take up to 50 to 70 years to take carbon out of Earth’s air that would have been a waste of my money; we don’t have that much time.  The Council pay the $100 straight to this farmer to whom I make all my carbon farming payments: Michael and Louisa Kiely’s farm near Mudgee, info here:…


So thanks to Michael and Louisa for helping me get around, too; they’re providing ‘the good oil’.


And thanks to Warrnambool Council for it’s initiative and for having a go.


And so it goes,




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