Upon being a centrefold . . .


Pause your beating heart, and breath.

Sustainability has today gone centrefold.

Ok, so I’m being dramatic, but it is such a B E A Utiful day, I hope there’s a song in every heart that shares it. (Don’t you reckon Earth sometimes can’t resist herself and she puts on days like today when she sings, “Look at me, Look at me . . . “; mmmm ah lurves her then.)

Anyway, in the Sydney Morning Herald’s Style liftout section today there is a two page spread about the new book, Sustainable House, with some beaut pics and some handy info from the book by the writer, Stephen Lacey.

Thanks to the Herald, Stephen and of course everyone I know who helped.

If you want to see the place and get the book you’re very welcome to take one of the special tours here this Saturday or next at 11 am for an hour – see how sewage has been kept on site for 14 years, how the panels lasted, and so on. ┬áBut back to this day . . . I’m out into it. ┬áMay you have a spring in your step, too,


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  1. Michael says:

    Great to hear from you. Yes, you’re very welcome to join the tour. I’ve emailed you with some details and looking forward to your reply and to seeing you on the tour, thanks, Michael

  2. Thanks for the heads-up on the article in the SMH… By coincidence, I had just found your blog the previous day by googling “sustainable building sydney”, and your project was among the first results. I would like to come to your “open house” this Saturday. I have just moved to Sydney from North Carolina where I worked as a designer/builder for 10 years. I mostly did historic restoration, but have lately been tending towards sustainable building the last few years, and am currently studying for my LEED certification. Looking forward to meeting you and your family and exploring your house/buying your book.


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