Commercial project taking carbon out of air to make plastics – and hope

This is what we and Earth need – projects to take existing pollution out of Earth’s air.

A new commercial project extracts carbon from Earth’s air to make plastic products.

The ‘biocatalyst” commercial machine takes carbon from landfills and other polluting sources and mixes it with air in a reactor and makes it into a liquid which pulls carbon out of air and makes it into plastic.

The two people behind the US business are Mark Herrema and Kenton Kimmel and their business is called Newlight Technologies.

They’re making chairs and cell phone cases, food storage containers, films and a range of things from air.  It’s a market-driven carbon capture project that’s taking more carbon pollution out of the air than the process causes.

Cause for hope for us, our cultures and Earth.  Thank you fellas,









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  1. Bev says:

    I’m a bit concerned about carbon being taken from the earth to make even more plastic. What is going to happen to all these plastic goods when they eventually break, get discarded etc.? Surely the earth has a problem of too much plastic and the existing plastic waste should certainly be collected and made into durable goods. We all need to stop buying NEW plastic goods – there are plenty of second hand on eBay & similar sites also in op shops, second hand shops and tip shops. I would rather see the air’s carbon being taken up by trees, food gardens, wild plants and marine phytoplankton.

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