Sustainable Tip 7 – water your garden for free

Water diverter connected to hose from downpipe to irrigate garden

Water diverter connected to hose from downpipe to irrigate garden

Would you like to water your garden for free?

Even an unskilled bloke like me can do it; if my unskilled self can do it, so can you.


Rain on your garden is rarely adequate to water your plants in most parts of Australia.  Many houses or units do not have either the space or the owners or tenants do not have the money for a rain tank.  This is simple way of getting good free irrigation to your garden


Get a water diverter from a plumbing place; expect to pay about $20.  There are about six or more types.

With a hacksaw cut the downpipe at the top where you will insert the diverter.  Make another cut carefully located to enable you to slip in the diverter.  Hook up your hose and wait for rain to run to wherever you place the hose.

They catch the water in the downpipe and divert it to a hose you fit to a fitting on the diverter.  The higher you place the diverter in the downpipe the further you can run the hose from the downpipe to water your plants.

For a one-off cost of about $20 you can get anything from 20,000 to 250,000 litres or more going to your garden, or pool and some options allow you to put up to three hoses to the diverter.


About $20 for the diverter.

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  1. Laura jones says:

    Such an easy solution. Thanks Michael

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