Join a small class and talk with leaders building cool roads and neighbourhoods

I’m blogging to invite you to join us and work with leaders in their fields in the new short course at Sydney’s UTS - How to build a sustainable neighbourhood.
Leading speakers who will present costs, design, politics and industry experience about small and large projects include:
a Council Mayor, a NSW government Parliamentary Secretary, a Chief of Staff in the NSW government, a Council Manager of Sustainability, a Council General Manager, experts from the Australian Road and Research Board Group on road and traffic design and standards authorities, food recycling innovators, social media experts . . .  such as:
  • Professor Gary Sturgess, former Director of Cabinet Office in the Greiner Government -…
  • Waverley Council Mayor Sally Betts
  • General Manager, Sydney City Council, Monica Barone  -…
  • NSW and ACT Manager, The Australian Road and Research Board (The ARRB Group), Arjan Rensen and colleague  -  options for cool roads  -…
  • Chris Stapleton, Traffic consultant – how to green and cool a main street and support business and amenity there  –…
  • Chief of Staff to the NSW Minister for the Environment, Robyn Parker – Tony Chappel
  • Manager Sustainability, Randwick Council – Peter Maganov
  • Social media whiz kid, Jess Miller  -  how to engage the community -…
  • Dave Leslie – Manager, Closed Loop Organics – how to turn food into compost in 24 hours and handle a suburb’s organic waste
  • PhD Candidate Anir Upadhyay – data on the urban heat island at an ecovillage and from a pop up road garden
  • Nick Chapman – planner with lengthy experience in place design and management
Each student is given a free copy of a Cool Roads Cost Benefit Calculator and tuition on how to use it.  The calculator was developed by Michael Mobbs and UTS engineering student, Joe Caparotta.
In the course you will:

Meet industry, council and community leaders who are designing and building sustainable neighbourhoods.  Learn how to make your neighbourhoods sustainable.

Whether it’s water, sewage, designing and building cool roads to cool suburbs, costs to build and maintain, urban farming, data collection and analysis, laws or social media – the tools, the passion, the mistakes and successes  - and how to get approvals needed for change – these will be available to you on this course.

To reserve your place you must enrol this week through this link:
                                         NOTE:  any enrolment must be completed by 24 September.
The three workshops, each of a day and a half – a total of four and a half days, begin at the end of October and finish at the end of November – dates are on the website.
Do contact me if you wish to discuss the course,
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