See Josh Byrne’s video about the Fremantle ecopops and his house


Josh Byrne, Michael Mobbs and Mayor Brad Pettit

As Josh Byrne, the Western Australia presenter for ABC TV Gardening Australia‘s show, builds his ten star houses in Fremantle he is documenting it and making the plans, costs, data and details available for all to see.

In the latest video Josh covers the ecopops as they were being built in Fremantle then takes the viewer to his houses.

It’s a useful summary of both projects and you can see the 4 minute 40 second video here.



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  1. Vicky Dimitriou says:

    We are thinking of building a new house in the future,
    I want a sustainable house that’s not going to cost a bomb to build..
    Because you say ‘passive solar’ & ka ching the $ go up!
    Ive been a very keen admirer of Josh’s eco house.
    When we built our first home I went to a seminar in Perth (we live in the south west WA ) for Garry Baverstock
    We have tried to implement as much as possible to house, but now 16 years on there is much more to learn.
    I we want to do it right next time & find the right builder who understands what we want.

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