Watch ice bigger than Manhatten Island break away from a glacier

This speeded up film on Youtube, taken from a remote and distant mountain in the Arctic, shows ice breaking away from a glacier as it gets smaller and smaller.

The video shows the 75 minute collapse in 4.41 minutes.

Ice in chunks as high as 90 or more storied buildings and the size of Manhatten Island (87 square kilometres) rises three to four hundred metres high as the ice smashes and collapses.

It took the glacier 100 years to break up and become 8 miles (~ 20 k) smaller – from 1902 to 2001.

Then, from 2000 to 2010 it broke up 9 miles (>  22 k).

That’s a bigger rate of decay in ten years than the previous 100 years.

There’s a film about it, Chasing Ice.

Watching it is one way to get some stillness into yourself – and a mix of awe and other feelings,





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