Low, consistent bills that don’t keep rising

A measure of a sustainable place to live is whether the energy and water bills are consistent, low and don’t rise.

Today in the first week of 2013, fifteen years after I made my house sustainable – November, 1996 –  and I’ve just received the latest electricity bill for the house and the four people who live here.

The energy company owes me $22.

The electricity bill for the period 21 sept to 18 Dec 2012 shows:
  • the house has a credit of $22.20
  • the electricity used was $247.17
  • the solar power sold was $279.54
  • the average daily energy use for the period was 7 kWh but for the same period last year was 5kWh

Thank you, lovely Sun, go you good thing, our Earth,


2 Responses to “Low, consistent bills that don’t keep rising”
  1. Michael says:

    ibika; it’s either the new residents or the fridge; the fridge that’s been here says it uses 340 kWh a year but I’m wondering if it’s using more as it gets older; today a different fridge was swapped for it which uses 407 kWh a year but which may be more efficient in practice despite it using more kWh; we’ll see in the next three months . . . michael

  2. ibika says:

    thanks for sharing MM.. Why do you think the usage has risen by 2kw daily in 12 months?..

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