When words fail

To prevent an increase in average Earthly temperatures of 2 degrees we need to cut the human-made carbon we put into the Earth’s atmosphere by 5.1 per cent each year for 39 consecutive years, according to PwC research group.

In their report, “Too late for 2 degrees?“, PwC accounts for the carbon humans have put into the atmosphere each year for the last century.

PwC measures the amount of carbon put into Earth’s atmosphere.

The tumultuous weather we’re getting is due to a .74 degree increase in average temperatures these last 100 years.

Words fail me now; noone knows what tumult lies ahead with average increases of 2 degrees. What we’ve got now is barely digestible for the mind and spirit.

I suppose words will fail all of us when the temperature is 2 degrees hotter on average; the ‘extreme’ hot days then will be weeks-long days of 40 to 50 degrees one after the other.  We know bees die around 40 degrees.  I suppose coal mining directors will, too, and it will be jolly hot in the mines then, too – too hot to be in them, I suppose – even if your truck or digging machine has air con.  Air con doesn’t work so well over 40 degrees, day after day.

It’s rare for me to write about this stuff as I can’t find the words for it.  But the work of the PwC deserves this note.

What can be said is this; our governments are failing us, every day and night.

What might be asked is; when will we who want to turf out our governments, and want to look after our lovely Earth be joined by those who presently vastly outnumber us and couldn’t care less?



2 Responses to “When words fail”
  1. ibika says:

    agreed david… An inner revolution..!!
    why dont we change?

  2. David Pryce says:

    Here here Michael. It justifies a revolution. It necessitates a revolution

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