The People’s Supermarket

The People’s Supermarket

In England there’s a supermarket called, The People’s Supermarket.

The supermarket was brought to my attention by someone I met at one of the events to promote my new book, Sustainable Food, Christine, who also sent me some photos of it and they’re above and below.

Christine wrote:

I had a great time at the People’s Supermarket when I visited it in August this year. I got a tour of the whole premises and met some of the original coop members, who’d featured in the TV series.They had to make a few compromises when the partnership with Spar stopped them from going under. They still are able to stick to their principles of sourcing cheap local produce and getting produce like the curly cucumbers, which is rejected by the  supermarket chains but perfectly OK to eat. They are opposite Great Ormand Street Children’s Hospital so along with local residents, they have a ready supply of customers for both food and the cheap meals they prepare on the premises.

Cheers and happy days Christine“.

The People’s Kitchen


Let’s we the people control, sell and grow our own food . . . now,


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  1. Rosemary says:

    I have heard about this project and how it returned respect of self to the region, it is a project that needs to be replicated the world over.

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