Ask me to garden for you?

Passion fruit, Myrtle St road garden

Would you like me to garden for you?


If, “Yes”, then email me here on my website.


I’ve decided to garden for others in inner Sydney who wish to grow food, create an urban farm or to grapple with the garden they have in some way.


When you email please let me know what your situation is and I’ll give you a quote for my gardening: either comment on this blog or to email me from my website go here: ¬†


Looking forward to talking and gardening with you soon,


4 Responses to “Ask me to garden for you?”
  1. Michael says:

    Brad, I’m delighted to hear from you; thanks for making contact. It would probably be too expensive for me to get up to your place even tho’ I’d enjoy the trip and the opportunity to work with you on your garden. Short of that if you wish to email me a couple of photos and a few things you’d like to get from your garden I’ll blog my answer here for you and others to share if you wish? To email me visit: Of course, you can always buy my new book, Sustainable Food, or borrow it from your council library . . . just a thought, Michael

  2. Brad Cremin says:

    Hi Michael,
    I have heard you a few times on 2GB and I am very interested in your sustainable food methods.I am interested in all things organic and being also interested in fitness, iIeat a heap of veggies but I am always concerened by the way that they have been grown. For that reason I would like to start a veggie garden but have no idea where to start?

    Are you able to assist? like the comment above, I am not in the inner city, I live at Bangor ( near Menai ) What are your fees to come and help set up a garden. I have what I think is plenty of room , but just dont know where to start.

    Brad Cremin

  3. Michael says:

    S, I’d love to come over and give it a go; the ferry ride can be part of the payment! I’ll be in touch today, M

  4. S says:

    Hi Michael

    I would love you to come over to work on Mum’s garden but it isn’t the inner city, it’s Freshwater/Harbord…it could be a nice ride on the ferry though?! I know it’s too far and probably uneconomic but I can only ask :-)


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