App for recycling building ‘waste’

Builders, designers and others looking to use or to recycle building waste now can  use a phone app to do so.

Called BuildBITS, once a user downloads it they may take a photo of the surplus products, enter a short description and price – and the product appears for sale in the BuildBITS online marketplace.

There are no commissions or fees for sellers and buyers.

It can be cheaper for a builder to list, say, waste bricks on BuildBITS for free and give them away rather than spend money to put them in a skip bin and dispose of them.

This app is similar  in operation to the free mulch service where landscapers or those mulching trees may give away the mulch by the truckload and save tipping fees, Mulchnet.

2 Responses to “App for recycling building ‘waste’”
  1. Heath Johns says:

    Anything to promote sustainability is great. Well done for the app.

  2. Kylie Andrews says:

    Fantastic idea! I will give this a go :) thank you Michael.

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