Looking for a vacant lot for my city tent

Please let me know if you see a vacant lot in the area from Sydney’s eastern beaches out to Marrickville, Newtown or so.


The lot can be soil and grass or concrete, residential or factory.


I want to put a tent on it to stay in temporarily.  More on the design, food, water and living plans later.


I can’t offer prizes or inducements for this information but would love to see you sitting on a pallet bench on the  lot outside my tent with a cold beer on a hot day.


My friend, Monique, who is providing solar powered lights to folks living in tents in India, will give me one of those for the tent next week  - woo hoo, Monique is my energy service provider for my tent life; thank you, Monique.


May the simple life be with us in the city – and laughter,


2 Responses to “Looking for a vacant lot for my city tent”
  1. Rosie says:

    Hi Michael,
    There’s a vacant area of land at the bottom of St Peters Street, ST PETERS, on Campbell Street… and also a fenced off area right next door, which I believe is RTA (or RMTA or whatever) owned… It’s opposite Simpson Park (where there are toilets during daylight hours). Couple more vacant (but fenced) areas towards Princes Hwy too.

    Not sure if this meets your specs, particularly because Campbell Street is pretty busy, but thought I’d let you know.

    Another area is around near Camdenville Park/Oval, where there is ample open space between the playing field and the railway line… Marrickville Council I, believe, but also some Sydney Water land, and a railways? storage area.


  2. ibika says:

    michael.. you are heading in the right direction sir.. well done..I like your style!! cheers..

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